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Published February 16, 2017

10 Grisly Stories That Turned Out To Be True

You just finish up a great short story, book or a movie, your heart is beating faster and your mind is racing. Then you read those dreadful words: “Based on a true story” and the horror of the moment is forever sheared into your memory. Has this ever happened to you?

Here are ten real-life stories that have inspired sleeplessness nights, phobias, urban legends and even horror movies, but remain even scarier as facts of life.


Left to die in a windshield

On a chilly night in October 2001, after a long night of drinking and drug use, an intoxicated Chante Jawan Mallard hit pedestrian Gregory Glenn Biggs who was walking along the street. The impact sent Biggs flying through the air, up over the hood of Mallard’s car, where he became lodged in the car’s windshield.

10 Grisly Stories That Turned Out To Be True

Rather than stopping her car, notifying police, and rendering aid, Mallard continued on her drive. When she arrived home, she parked her car and went to bed. Biggs died an unknown number of hours later, still lodged in the windshield of her car. The next day Mallard with the help of 2 accomplices, pried Biggs loose and dumped his body in a nearby park.

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