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Published March 12, 2017

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina  [Page 3]

Morpheus Bridge in Wendell

Morpheus Bridge is located on Morpheus road, about 2 miles outside of Wendell. The bridge that is there now is of newer construction and is two lane, however the original bridge dated to when Morpheus road was still a single lane in rural Wendell.

The legend associated with the bridge dates to the 1940’s and goes as follows: A family of three was driving across the bridge, when they crashed into the side. All three were ejected from the car and fell into the murky depths of the Little River below. As a result of this tragic incident, the woman and child died, leaving only the father.

10 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina To URBEX - Morpheus Bridge

It is said that if you park on the bridge late a night, your car will shut off, and the woman will appear, searching for her lost child. The mystery deepens, as in 1972 a woman was killed on the bridge while out exploring the legend.

Since that time, witnesses have reported seeing what appears to be the aspiration of a young woman and child, possibly searching for the child’s mother. Sightings of orbs and strange lights are common occurrences and the locals know to avoid Morpheus Bridge after midnight.

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