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Published March 12, 2017

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina  [Page 4]

USS North Carolina in Wilmington

The USS North Carolina was commissioned on the 9th day of April in the year of 1941. Honored with fifteen battle stars, the ship participated in every major battle of the Pacific Ocean during WWII. She is now docked in Wilmington, North Carolina at Eagle’s Island, and is open to the public for self-guided tours during designated hours, including night tours.

Over the years people have told tales of seeing ghosts or experiencing strange feelings while on board. There’s even a night watchman who has lived on board for 36 years and written a book about the ship’s spirit activity.

10 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina To URBEX - USS North Carolina

Most of the stories involve strange sensations, being touched when nobody is near or seeing ghosts of sailors on duty. Television shows including Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy and Fact or Faked have conducted investigations and deemed the USS North Carolina to be, “very haunted.”

Many have witnessed a young blond haired man who has been seen in the passageways. Multiple EVPs have been recorded by various investigators, and occasionally souls can be seen peering out of portholes.

There are numerous reports of hatches and doors opening or closing by themselves, lights turning themselves on and off, and items moving by themselves.

10 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina To URBEX - USS North Carolina 2

Since opening up night tours, people have reported unexplained cold spots, voices and disembodied footsteps. If you find yourself in Wilmington, a haunted URBEX of this ship is well worth your time, especially a night tour.

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