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Published March 12, 2017

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina  [Page 5]

Judaculla Rock in Jackson County

In the mountains of Jackson County outside Sylva, North Carolina, sits a large soapstone boulder covered with a plethora of Runes and strange drawings. Archaeologists believe the stone carvings may date to 2,000 to 3,000 years ago.

Even the Cherokee Indians considered the site ancient, pre-dating their own presence in the area.

Cherokee folk-lore associates the rock with a giant creature, seven feet tall, with seven fingers on each hand and seven fingers on each foot, a hairy body and claw-like fingernails and toenails. Even today visitors to the area at night report an uneasy feeling of being stalked, and of large big foot like creatures roaming the land around the rock, as if keeping watch over it.

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina - Judaculla Rock

As if the tales of Cherokee creatures were not enough draw for a haunted URBEX excursion, there has long been speculation that there are additional stones in the area. According to old timers, Judaculla Rock is one of at least three other such stones on the same property.

Oral history tells of one of them being buried in a century old mining operation, and the other simply lost to time, weathered and eroded, or perhaps hidden under over grown vegetation.

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