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Crybaby lane
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Published March 12, 2017

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina  [Page 6]

Chicken Alley in Asheville

Chicken Alley is a narrow lane in Asheville named for the chickens that used to hang out there in the city’s much younger (and rougher) days. Today it even has a chicken mural, painted by local artist Molly Must.

Legend has it the alley is haunted by the ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith.

His aspiration is typically seen in a black fedora hat and duster-style coat, carrying his medicine bag and silver-tipped cane. The good doctor was stabbed in the heart at the Chicken Alley bar “Broadway’s Tavern” in 1902, as he was trying to break up a brawl.

10 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina To URBEX - Chicken Alley

While Asheville has plenty of haunts, Chicken Alley is considered the most haunted area of the city. Locals have yet to decide why he still wanders around the place he met his end at – some say to fight, others say he just wants to finish his drink.

You will find Chicken Alley between North Lexington Avenue and Broadway Street in the heart of the city.

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