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Crybaby lane
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Published March 12, 2017

10 Most Haunted URBEX Spots In North Carolina  [Page 8]

Crybaby Lane in Raleigh

There are a few stories regarding the old Catholic Orphanage on Crybaby Lane, and much like the location of the remaining cornerstone, the tales are twisted and shrouded in a bit of mystery, myth, and history. A few things seem to be factual. There was a fire in 1958, and there is rumor of another fire in 1903, which seems to be backed up by several sources.

Local mythos tells us that children were caught in the flames, and that escapees from the nearby Dorthea Dix hospital, whose silhouette can be seen just across the field, crept across the open space that night and ran amok through the halls, lighting fires and bashing children’s brains against the walls with broken broom handles.

Eight degree temperature shifts were recorded on a recent URBEX at Crybaby lane.
Seven degree temperature swings were recorded on a recent URBEX of Crybaby lane.

People who lived near the orphanage once it was abandoned started complaining of the smell of sulfur in the air, years after the fires had stopped burning. There’s tale of a gatekeeper who guards the entrance to Crybaby Lane, a shadowed figure in the nearby woods. Still other people complained of hearing children’s screams or wailing infants inside the hollow buildings. Thus the ghost stories of the old Catholic Orphanage were born.

There has been a lot of confusion within the URBEX community as to the actual location of Crybaby lane and the location of the remnants of the old orphanage buildings. We have provided this vintage aerial view of the orphanage superimposed on a current map.

10 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina To URBEX - Crybaby lane

The secret passage is to take Bilyeu Street, right off Western Boulevard. Walk to the end of Bilyeu, until it becomes gravel. It dead ends at a thin stretch of woods with a very obvious, but small, trail. That trail, shown boxed in red above, is Crybaby Lane, and it ends at the Centennial Campus power lines which is where the orphanage buildings once stood.

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