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Published February 20, 2017

10 TRUE New Jersey Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night

Unsolved mysteries, cold cases, and bone-chilling murder stories tug at the psyche; as much as we fear them, we also love a good horror story. Jersey has a dark and macabre history of murderous tales, several of which were never solved. Here are a few of the most famous New Jersey murders and serial killers, that’ll keep you locking your doors and hiding beneath your blanket.


1. The Unsolved Mystery of Gary Grant

Atlantic City, NJ – January 12, 1984 – Homicide is unsettling, and the unsolved murder of 7-year old Gary Grant is particularly eerie. On Thursday the young boy left his house around noon, telling his mom he “had an appointment.” According to his neighbors, he walked down the street and played at their house until around 4:30pm; however, he never made it home.

His family called the police, who searched until after midnight. The search continued Friday, yielding no results. On Saturday, Gary’s broken body was found, beaten to death by a bloody pipe found beside him, outside a warehouse owned by Robert Hughey.

10 TRUE New Jersey Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night - 1

The details grew more unsettling on January 4, 1986, when an anonymous message appeared on the side of an Atlantic City police car: Gary Grant is dead. I am living. Another will die on the 1/12/86 if all goes right.

Several weeks later, another message was found, etched into a sidewalk: Gary Grant Jr. lives. I still killed him. Son of a pig officer. Payback is a M.F.

Gary’s violent murderer, as well as the author of this ominous messages, is still at large.

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