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Published May 23, 2015

10 TRUE North Carolina Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night

We just can’t seem to get enough of bone-chilling murder stories, which is why shows like CSI and Criminal Minds flood our television every night of the week. North Carolina has its own morbid history of murderous tales, some still unsolved, that will keep you locking your doors at night.

The Lawson Family Murders

On Christmas day in 1929 Charles Lawson, of Stokes County, led his family to town to buy them new clothing and to have a family portrait taken. Little did his family know that these would soon be their burial clothes.

Charles Lawson’s murder spree began with his two daughters Carrie and Maybell, who were shot at close range, their father ambushing them from the cover of their family tobacco barn. Then to make sure they were dead he beat them, finally placing their bodies in the barn.

10 TRUE North Carolina Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night - Lawson Family MurdersLawson then returned to the family cabin where his wife Fannie was shot while sitting on the porch. His daughter Marie was inside and screamed when she heard the shot that killed her mother. Also inside was Mr. Lawson’s sons James and Raymond. The two young boys ran to hide when they heard the gun shot.

10 TRUE North Carolina Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night - Lawson Family Murders CofinsCharles shot Marie next, then turned his fury on his son’s, ferreting them out and shooting them as well. In a final act of bloodshed, Lawson killed four month old Mary Lou. It is believed that the baby was beaten to death.

A few hours after he killed his family Lawson took his own life. Only later did it come out that that his daughter Marie was pregnant, and that Charles Lawson himself was the father.

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