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Published May 23, 2015

10 TRUE North Carolina Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night  [Page 10]

Bertie County Be-Lo Murders

Windsor, North Carolina has a population of just 4,000. Today, it is still a quaint town, but two decades ago a black cloud rolled over this sleepy hamlet that has never quite dissipated.

10-TRUE-North-Carolina-Murders-That-Will-Keep-You-Up-At-Night-Be-Lo MurdersIt was a typical hazy June Sunday in 1993, with three employees of the Be-Lo grocery finishing up their shift, and a three person cleaning crew just arriving to begin theirs. Then a stranger appeared, forever changing this town forever.

Nothing could prepare the first responders for what they discovered that evening.

We started down one of the aisles toward the meat-cutting room and that’s when it was terrible, there were bodies and blood. They were stacked and one of the people had a cutting knife through his back.

Police say the stranger gathered up the six people in the store and held them at gun point. They were then bound by duct tape and taken to the meat cutting room. There the victims were arranged in stacks. Then the stranger opened fire on the pile of people, firing until he ran out of bullets. At that point he grabbed a butcher knife and began stabbing them.


Three of the victims survived, and the stranger, well he simply drifted off into the darkness, never to be seen or heard from again.

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And here are some eerie stories of strange things dead bodies do once they’ve passed on, as witnessed by morticians.

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