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Published June 15, 2014

5 Great Socially Conscious Wedding Hacks

From the moment you announce your engagement until the pivotal “I do,” planning a wedding gives every bride a taste of fame. Family and friends not only willingly, but happily, run the extra mile in order to make your special day perfect and memorable. It’s socially acceptable to spend five hundred dollars on cake. Dozens of excited guests gleefully read every trivial wedding update email about the remarkable new color you’ve picked for your napkins.

So why not use this period of new found fame for the improvement of society? Seriously. Many brides struggle with finding the perfect way to express themselves at their wedding–the precise shade of lilac, the classic tapered candles, the perfect mood music. It can be easy to forget how we might reflect real-world passions, such as environmental causes or human rights, in our ceremony. But with every eye on you and extra money to spend, you can use this special time to send an inspiring message and create a socially conscious wedding.

Here are five simple wedding hacks to make you feel awesome about how you start your life together.


1. Set Up Your Wedding Registry For A Charitable Cause

5 Great Socially Conscious Wedding Hacks 1If you really need new towels and dishes, your wedding is a great time to get things together for building a home with your spouse. However, if you and your honey already have plenty of house hold supplies, consider skipping the extra clutter and ugly gravy boats by setting up a donation registry for your favorite non-profit.

It’s an easy way to share the love and educate your guests about whatever social cause you care about most. Plus, there’s something utterly romantic about launching into your new partnership knowing your love has made an impact and your union has made the world a better place.


2. Pre-Wedding Blog Or Email Updates

You’re up on that pedestal: Preach It! As any bride-to-be can tell you, all conversations begin with, “So, how’s the wedding planning going?” So if you’re passionate about saving homeless puppies, this is a great time to incorporate that cause into your conversations. By choosing to donate a portion of your wedding registry donations to a non-profit, you can write about it in your wedding updates.

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Now, obviously it shouldn’t be the central theme of all your posts. Your spouse is still the star of your heart. But while you have a captive audience, while updating everyone on the flavor cake you’ve chosen, take the opportunity to raise awareness for something you care about.


3. Catering Through A Food Bank

While searching for the perfect caterer, take a look at your local food bank. Food banks often have catering options that are high-quality and, as a nice bonus, less expensive than traditional companies. With excellent service, good food, and a fraction of the cost, you can use that extra money on a fancier honeymoon. Plus, you’re helping feed a lot more people than just your guests.


4. Choose Eco-Friendly And Community-Smart Companies

Let’s be honest. You’re probably planning to drop several thousand dollars on your wedding. While you may not have that much money to donate to charitable causes on a regular basis, this is a great opportunity to research companies that promote environmentally friendly practices or support charitable causes close to your heart. Does your florist donate extra flowers to hospitals to cheer up patients? Did your decorations come from a local artist? Does your caterer buy food from the farmer’s market and practice eco-friendly habits? Does your minister regularly volunteer after their service? You have thousands of dollars to help support whatever businesses you choose. Think carefully about where you want your money to go.


5. Plan Bridal Shower Service Day

Traditional bridal showers and bachelorette parties are ancient history. A modern bride-to-be can spend her bridal shower playing laser tag, and her bachelorette party creating paintings and drinking wine. As you incorporate your unique style into your pre-wedding parties, consider hosting a “Give-Back Party” in celebration of your lifetime of love. Get some sushi with your girlfriends, then go deliver groceries and flowers to home-bound seniors while wearing your wedding veil. They’ll get a kick out of seeing young love in action, and you’ll get your fair share of tear-eyed hugs from strangers wishing you lifelong blessings. Or bring a bag of dog treats to your local animal shelter and have a pre-wedding puppy playdate. You can have fun, express yourself, and have the most unique bachelorette party story ever.


5 Great Socially Conscious Wedding Hacks 2


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