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Published August 14, 2013

5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Cats

My two cats have taught me many lessons on healthy living. After being owned by my two cats, I can say un-CAT-egorically that I am a cat person.

They also provide a CAT-harsis from the stresses of life when I either laugh at the antics of Norie, the black cat, or sit and pet Sister, the grey tabby.

Interestingly each cat has totally different personalities. Norie is extroverted, charismatic, curious, playful, and mischievous. Sister is introverted, timid, sweet natured, thoughtful and will quietly sit by me as I type away on my computer. Through their differences they remind me of things I need to remember to help maintain good health. So I will share 5 of those tidbits here.


Be curious.

Norie amazed at a bubble.
Norie amazed at a bubble.

Norie is fascinated by new things and will explore them to learn about them. I frequently blow soap bubbles for her. She watches them, paws at them gently and meows her excitement. The old saying went, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Later a more appropriate ending was added: “It was the answer that brought him back.” Be curious, think about the whys and hows of everyday things. Curiosity is mentally stimulating.

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Look out the window.

Sister looking out of the window.
Sister looking out of the window.

Norie and Sister love to look out the window to watch squirrels and birds and are mentally and visually stimulated by what they see. Likewise, when we have been hammering away at something and need a quick break, looking out the window may provide the diversion we need to kick start our focus and creativity.


Be playful.

Norie playing "I' not touching you," with Sister.
Norie playing “I’ not touching you,” with Sister.

Norie often plays the “I’m not touching you game” with Sister. Lying on her back and looking upward at Sister, Norie paws at her, until Sister, paws back. Sister tires quickly of this and shows her displeasure by snapping back at Norie and running off. Play is healthy for us and our relationships. Find new ways to play.

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CATch some “Rays.”

Norie in Sunlight
Norie in Sunlight

I often find one or both cats lying on their back or curled up in a ray of the sun. They seem to love the warmth and comfort of the sun on their fur. Even though we have to use sunscreen, sunshine is good for us. Guess what a good source of Vitamin D is?


Enjoy friends.

Norie and Sister nose to nose.
Norie and Sister nose to nose.

Norie and Sister keep each other company. Although I have never seen them snuggle together, they do enjoy interacting and would be quite lonesome without each other. I have seen Norie sit outside the bathroom door while Sister has to be contained due to an upset stomach. She waits for a while then starts scratching on the door or digging into the carpet if Sister is not released quickly enough. Friends are vital to our emotional, mental and physical health.

I’ll share more morsels of cat wisdom later. They are beautiful and wise creatures with a great sense of dignity. After all, they did descend from the lion family.

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