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Published August 2, 2014

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try

An insane sugar wonderland has recently sprung up in my neighborhood, and last night I paid them a visit for the first time. Amongst many strange and unique confections from across the globe, I discovered a trove of bacon-flavored delights. Well, I figured, you can never go wrong with bacon! So I loaded up and brought them home for a sugary-salt-maple-flavored tasting.

I won’t lie. Some of it was delicious, but be warned: some of it got pretty wild in ways that only bacon can. Join me for my bacon-sugar buzz adventure.


1. Bacon Frosting

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 4

This was a startling combination of sweetness and bacon-ness, so surprising that I had to taste it several times, you know, for science. Totally worthy of a pig-lover’s birthday cupcake.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


2. Bacon-Flavored Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 6

This small box of three cookies literally cost over $15, so I expected them to be laced with gold. I lucked out, and they were laced with bacon instead! Crunchy, with a chocolatey, salty twang, I could literally see the bits of pork baked into the dough. Pretty delicious, particularly with bacon frosting on top!

Rating: ♥♥♥


3. Man-Bait Bacon Lollipop

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 5

This candy did indeed live up to its name, as it lured my husband right into the room! Creamy maple texture with a small bits of salty fabulousness. At this point, my dog began actively whimpering in desperation, opened her mighty maw, and I swear to you, said, “I DEMAND JUSTICE! SHARE YOUR BACON!”

Rating: ♥♥♥♥


4. Bacon Chocolate Soda

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 2

I was pretty excited about the concept of bacon chocolate soda, because I love all three of those things. However, this pretty much tasted like extra-sweet Coke or Pepsi. Disappointing. I couldn’t taste the bacon, but it did have a mild chocolate taste. Kind of underwhelming.

Rating: ♥♥


5. Bacon Dental Floss

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 1

After eating a lot of sweets, you definitely need to brush and floss, but you don’t want to wash away that glorious bacon flavor. Now, you can have clean teeth and still keep your tastebuds happy. Theoretically. Except the dental floss, which seemed so brilliant, mostly tasted like menthol.

Rating: ♥


6. Bacon Tooth Paste

6 Magical Bacon-Flavored Treats You Must Try - 3

Have no fear! Despite the sadness of the bacon floss, I found hope in the bacon tooth paste, which tasted a lot like the man-bait lollipop! I couldn’t get over the idea, however, that I might be brushing my teeth with sugar. Still, a pretty cool novelty item!

Rating: ♥♥


Haven’t had enough bacon madness yet? Get a more personal look by watching us taste-test on camera — FOR SCIENCE!

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