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Published September 3, 2014

6 Superpowers Of The Average Mom

Being a super parent requires a variety of super-skills. Seemingly insurmountable challenges arise every day, and they’re only magnified with each child. Dealing with these challenges give parents their own type of superpowers. When wielded by the forces of good, they can set kids on the right track and inspire them to save the world! Or maybe they’ll be inspired to stay out of trouble for once.


Tactical Humor

To handle potentially upsetting situations, humor can save the day! One time when I was little, I fell and hit the floor hard. I cried until my father used a sneaky tactic. He pointed at the spot where I fell and said “Look! You made a crack in the floor.” My focus quickly shifted to the “crack.” We tried finding it together until I realized he had tricked me! I was fine, and all I needed was a lighthearted distraction.


Super Endurance

Walking with a kid will wear you out, but stopping may not be an option. They will lead you around with the energy of a firecracker. They will fall asleep in your arms. They will count on you to lead them to the bathroom under the hot sun at Disney World, no matter how sore your feet. And that’s not even counting the half-mile to the car! Then there are the times when everyone is sick, and a true super parent must take care of everyone, even if they are sick too. I came home after a 12-hour shift to find that my husband and son had the flu. I got them to the doctor, slept three hours and went back to work for another 12-hour shift. I almost didn’t make it home alive the next morning because I literally passed out on a little country road and hit the corner of a house! Sore muscles and sleepless nights happen to us all, but parents must endure!



Extra-Sensory Perception really comes in handy for parents. Without it, they would never know all the dangerous, stupid things kids will always do. Somehow, super parents always know when something is wrong. Ignorance, poor judgement, and active rebellion tend to take over when a parent is out of sight, but that doesn’t mean no one’s watching. A parent’s ESP is usually limited to short distances, but sometimes can stretch all the way to school! Always use this power for good, not evil.


Super Mediation

Kids get into arguments and scuffles all the time. A true super parent will try to make each conflict into a learning experience for their child, by letting them figure how to handle themselves better in a tense situation. Mediating their conflicts and teaching them how think things through will prepare them for when their parents aren’t around to solve their problems for them. Their confidence will be better knowing they can make good decisions on their own.



Communicating an idea isn’t easy when you’re a kid. You want to share information, but you can’t talk all that well yet. One day I was looking for the weight that fit on the top of my pressure cooker. During my search, my 2-year-old son was persistent in trying to open a cabinet that he knew was off limits. Puzzled by his persistence, I finally relented, sensing something was different with his behavior. I let him open the cabinet door, from which he showed me the little weight I had been looking for! He knew the weight was in the cabinet and was trying to help. I just wish my parental telepathy could have told me how he knew it was in the off-limits cabinet in the first place.


A Shapeshifting Heart

Sometimes a parent’s heart needs to be soft and mellow, and sometimes it needs to be harder than diamond. A child will occasionally destroy something you treasure. We all have. A forgiving heart will let your child know they are more precious than anything you possess. On the other side of the coin, a parent must steel their nerves when their children expand their abilities and try new things. Scraped knees and bruised egos help children learn not to dwell on pain as if it were the end of the world. If you make a big production every time they get hurt, they might get the wrong message. Parents should know when to forgive, when to be firm as steel, and when to fall back in a flash.

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Super parenting is not for the weak. Lots of love, patience, understanding, strength and character go into helping children grow into super adults.

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  • Elaine Estes


  • I love stories and legends, whether they be educational, humourous, silly or touching. I grew up on the fairy tales and later grew to love legends from different times and different cultures. Find other stories and legends from Elaine, by visiting her own blog “joyful2bee“. All my articles.

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