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Published May 8, 2014

9 Rules for Surviving an Anime Convention

Its anime convention season and my home con Animazement is in a couple weeks. Anime conventions are usually venues that make up some exciting and fun filled weekends for nerds of all ages.

However, every year I hear lots of complaints about various little things that you’re bound to run into any convention anywhere. Some are pretty harmless, while others are serious issues. So I thought I’d throw together a anime convention survival guide that doesn’t sugar coat things.


1: Say Hi to HYGIENE

Hands down the biggest complaint anyone hears about at any con is that body odor, lovingly called “Otaku BO.” During a convention, everyone from con staff, people online, cosplayers, and parents will cry out: “for the love of god, bathe.” However, you will encounter the Otaku BO at some point. People are walking around in hot costumes for hours, dancing, and getting photos taken under the sun; they’re going to smell at some point. As one of those people, the most you can do is make sure to shower often in your hotel room. If you don’t have a hotel room, ask a friend to use theirs. Be aware of how much you are sweating and try to avoid staying in one spot for too long, i.e. the gaming rooms.

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