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Published May 8, 2014

9 Rules for Surviving an Anime Convention  [Page 4]

4: Remember kids, you’re not on the internet anymore!

You can’t just say whatever the hell you want. I know that sounds silly but cons are a good place to meet people who spend much of their time on the internet, a place where people are far more likely to say horrible, hateful things than they would in person. Making rude comments about what you think of someone’s costume or fandom, could very well end with a punch in the face here in real life. As much as you might want to do that, DON’T DO IT! Ignore them and walk away. If they continue to be rude to you, get a staff member. This also goes for those that are too nice… Like, creepy nice. I’ve heard countless stories of creepy guys who stalk female cosplayers at cons.

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Do not touch cosplayers without their consent, and even if they give you consent be modest about it. Unwanted touching/hugging/glomping could damage their costume, and they will be really pissed at you. Guys have asked to physically pick up a friend of mine. That’s not cool. I know you say you want to show off how strong you are but we all know you’re doing it just to cop a feel and that’s pretty creepy. If you’re dealing with a creeper, just kindly ask to leave you alone and get to a group of friends. If they continue to bother you and you think they are a real threat to your safety, get a staff member or security. Being a stalker or making unwanted advances on someone is never okay.

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