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Published January 23, 2014

A Sweet Act of Kindness: Child Saves Hard-Earned Candy For The Widow Next Door

You never know how an act of loving kindness will affect someone’s day–or even their life.

It was an uncharacteristically warm Halloween night four years ago. All of the trick or treaters had finished their “candy quests.” Since my husband had passed away two months before and my son had moved out of the house years before that, this Halloween had been pretty quiet.

I was watching television about 9 o’clock, when the doorbell rang. There was one more visitor it seemed. I opened the door to find my neighbor Jenny and her nine year old daughter Rebecca there. I invited them in, always glad to have company.

These neighbors were part of a sweet family, which included brother Ryan, sister, Danielle and their father Scott, who passed away about two years later. They lived four houses over from me in our cul de sac. Our circle was always a close knit neighborhood. Many moved away and some of us got older, but we would all get together for a fall cookout each year. I had watched some of these children grow from preschoolers to pre-teens over the last seven years.

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Jenny and Rebecca shared the activities of their evening. They had attended a church Halloween party. One contest was a “Guess the number of M&Ms in the candy jar.” The winner would of course win the candy and the jar. Rebecca, came the closest to the right amount and won the prize. She was very excited–but she didn’t eat any of the candy.

Rebecca, only nine years old, thought of me after winning the jar of sweets and remembered I was by myself at home that night. She’d decided that she wanted to give the candy jar to me. As Rebecca shyly handed me the prize, I was overwhelmed by her love for me and my heart filled with even more love for this family.

Her compassion for me and saving that jar of candy-kindness for me was such a thoughtful and unselfish thing to do, especially for a child!


Help Make Life Better for Someone

I still have the jar and plan to keep it, refilling it from time to time to share with others. I plan to tell them the story behind this sweet gift of love. People like Rebecca and her family help to make life better for everyone around them. They make life special because they are special. Let’s try to be loving neighbors to our fellow man. Do something nice for someone today and be a good neighbor. When someone does something nice for you, share their story to inspire others and remind them that every kindness matters.

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  • Elaine Estes


  • I love stories and legends, whether they be educational, humourous, silly or touching. I grew up on the fairy tales and later grew to love legends from different times and different cultures. Find other stories and legends from Elaine, by visiting her own blog “joyful2bee“. All my articles.

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