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Published March 28, 2015

Abandoned Village Subway Opens Doors For Last Time

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to enter the Village Subway ever since reading the original Candid Slice story or Goodnight Raleigh article you may now have your opportunity. Cameron Village is opening the doors to their historic music scene one last time on May 16th.

Ever since the Village Subway paved over its main entrance, it’s waited like an underground tomb, an object of wonder and nostalgia for those who remember it. For those too young to remember, it was a locked away mystery, with very few photos or historical documents. Most people in my generation didn’t even know it existed.

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Young and old have been hoping for their chance to see the venue firsthand. And since the entire underground is being renovated, this is Raleigh’s last chance to get photos and experience this locked away piece of history.

There are plans in the works to try to preserve parts of the iconic wall. Candid Slice is teaming up with the City of Raleigh Museum to further preserve the history through an exhibit at a later date, where firsthand accounts, stories, and old photos will be recorded for future generations to enjoy.

candid slice village subway 4

The Village Subway has been waiting all these years to have music in her halls once again. Ticket prices are steep, but it is to benefit Backpack Buddies and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. In addition to live music, the evening will also include a fashion show featuring Cameron Village boutiques, plus drinks and hor d’oeuvres.

raleigh villiage subway - 1

Tickets are available on the Cameron Village website. Tickets may not be purchased until April 1st! Get yours early!


Want the history and low down on the Subway scene?

Click here for the complete guide to the history of the Village Subway.

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