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Published April 22, 2014

Activism In Action: Arrest Video Moral Monday Raleigh June 3, 2013

Raw and unedited arrest video from the Moral Monday protest held at the General Assembly in Raleigh on June 3, 2013. About 1000 people attended this rally on Halifax Mall and over 100 people were arrested when they refused to leave the Legislative Building.

Seriously, look at the people singing and clapping as they get arrested. Listen to the first man, saying, “What you’re doing is unconstitutional, officer.” Total non-violent protests, as the largest ever group of Moral Monday arrestees is taken away.

This is activism in action. Now the rest of the United States can get an insider look at what it’s like to be part of the Moral Monday movement. Even the elderly and the sick were willingly taken away in handcuffs, standing up for what they believe.

Reverend Barber Walking To General Assembly

At the Entry to the Rotunda

Chiefs Final Warning

The Arrests Part 1

The Arrests Part 2

The first Moral Monday of 2014 will be May 19th. You want to change the world? This is what it looks like.

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