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Published December 9, 2013

Advertise on Candid Slice

You can now advertise with Candid Slice! We are currently accepting advertisers that we feel will benefit both your offering and the large local reader base that visits our digital platform weekly.

Here at Candid Slice, we strive to promote all things creative and amazing, including local businesses, non-profits, and education and art centers! Why not partner with us, so we can grow together? Our advertisement rates are reasonable, and we cater to a strong local audience, so you know your ads are being seen by like-minded Triangle-ites! Learn more about supporting your local storytellers, and about how we’ll support you in return!

Candid Slice takes a unique approach to advertising as we care about helping you build your brand. We encourage companies to connect with their target market by offering access to our large network of engaged local readers at an affordable cost. We believe in making things fair for as many people as possible and this philosophy has made us one of the biggest conscious and alternative news and entertainment sources in the Triangle area.

We care about what we advertise and will only partner with companies who have the best interests of everyone in mind. We promote self-improvement, growth and conscious awareness in all aspects of life.

Candid Slice readers are creative! They focus on personal growth and self-improvement. They love meditation and engage in holistic practices. You can find these readers shopping at health food stores, eating organic and caring for the environment and each other.

They appreciate alternative information, quickly adopt alternative technology and think for themselves. Supporting the community, social causes and our local businesses is a priority for them, as it is to us.


30 day snapshot of our Triangle area readership


For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact us at or download our Media kit & Rate sheets.

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Please contact Candid Slice before using an entire piece of work.

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  • Joker is a code hack here at Candid Slice. A programmer by day and a reader and writer by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the 3rd person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time. Find him on any of the Candid Slice social media channels. All my articles.

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