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Published January 28, 2017

An Open Letter To Cancer: We Will Not Go Gently

Dear Cancer, Hate is a strong word, but I truly hate you. You come in where you’re not wanted and take what’s not yours.

Marsha was my boss, mentor and friend. She loved her students, her dogs and being on the golf course. She was the kind of woman who would get chemo and then be at work by noon. She fought you tooth and nail, and once she had her bone marrow transplant we thought she’d won.

She had fought you so hard that she was too weak to fight the next thing to come along.

You hid in Norman’s body and didn’t announce your presence until it was too late for him to fight. He was a special education teacher and a winning football coach.

He was someone that you couldn’t help but respect and admire. All of sudden, he started losing weight, and he didn’t know why. But, you did. In a matter of months, you’d taken him from us.

An Open Letter To Cancer -- We Will Not Go Gently - featured

Bettie was called ‘Gecko’ by her grandbabies. She walked in faith until the end. She had dedicated her life to God, her family and the classroom. We know that her body is healed in Heaven, but we’re still angry that you took her so soon.

Too many battles are fought everyday. Too many battles are lost to you.

So, Cancer, this is why I’m writing you.

I need to get all of this hurt and anger off of my chest. I, and so many others, are pissed that you take and take and take.

But, you know what, Cancer? You are not invincible.

You’ve lost your fair share of battles. You have come against those who heed the words of Dylan Thomas and refuse to “go gentle into that good night.”

Ava, Avis, Barbara, Dawn, Frances, Mariann, Sam, Teresa, Toni and many more. They all raged “against the dying of the light.” They all raged against you. And, their lights still shine bright.

In honor of those who won the battle, who are still fighting the battle, and those who lost the battle, we will all rage against you. We will volunteer. We will donate. We will love and support. We will wear our colored ribbons so that we never forget.

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On February 4, 2017, World Cancer Day, we will be especially loud as we will celebrate the theme of “We Can. I Can.” This is the day when people worldwide reflect, talk about and explore how to eliminate the burden that is you, Cancer. On this day, we will bring attention to the fact that you are sometimes preventable. And if we can’t prevent you, eventually there will be a cure for you because there are people who will never stop looking for it. We will fight – volunteering, donating, and supporting – until the end. We will not go gently.

Yes sir, Cancer. Your days are numbered.

And, believe me… you will not be missed.


Looking for ways to help on World Cancer Day?

  • Join our Thunderclap campaign. Simply share it on your social media to expand our reach!
  • Take a photo of yourself fundraising, volunteering, or getting involved in your fight against any type of cancer, then use the hashtag #WeCanICan to inspire others and get the message out!
  • Share your story with others.
  • Pick your favorite cancer-ass-kicking organization and donate!

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  • Sheon Little


  • Sheon The Writer is a middle school teacher turned technology specialist, poet and essayist. She has work appearing at Carolina Woman's online publication. She has been a member of several writing groups in North Carolina. Sheon The Writer hopes to publish a collection of poems and essays. All my articles.

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