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  • Earl Barber


  • Earl Barber is a blue collar working stiff who prefers playing his 12-string acoustic guitar for free to most any other endeavor. An occasional essayist, Earl has been posting on random internet sites, most notably the old WRAL-TV GOLO pages, with his essays for over ten years. All my articles.

Articles by Earl
From The Depths Of Hell To The Devil’s Lair - featured
Final Flight-- Space Shuttle Columbia - featured
My Heroes Have Always Been Space Cowboys - featured

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The Great Depression A Lesson In Hard Work -- Firestone Mill
The Last Weekend-- The Greatest Joke Ever - featured
A Visit To The Vietnam Memorial Wall-- What’s In A Name - featured
Childhood's End-- The Day We Lost Challenger - featured

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Mama Lu and a Miracle
Life Is What Blows Me Away -- A Shocking Act of Kindness Ripples On In Song - featured
Son, Someday You’ll Be A Man -- featured