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  • Hope Thompson


  • Trying to change the world one SLICE OF WISDOM at a time! My name is Hope Thompson and I am a native of North Carolina. I currently work in state government finance and own a graphic design business. I am also a Intuitive and Reiki practitioner with a spiritual background in Chakra healing, crystals, meditation, tarot, and soul healing. All my articles.

Articles by Hope
Pokeweed Berries
Oddities and Curiosities-- The Curious Case of the Laurinburg Mummy - featired
Never Forget - Pittsboro Memorial Honors 911 First Responders - featured

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Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance - NC's Most Famous Lumbee Native - featured
The Lumbee Tribe-- Fight for Recognition - featured
Frankie Silver - North Carolina's Most Famous Axe Murderer - featured
Trump Card -- North Carolina Sanctuary Cities for Immigration - featured

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Dear Best Friend, I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You -- featured
Angel Feathers-- When Angels Are Near, Feathers Appear! - featured
The Mysterious Hag Witch of North Hampton County - featured
No Accommodations for Indians--  Civil Rights - featured

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4 Hard Relationship Lessons Fairy Tale Princesses Never Had To Learn - featured
The Great Wagon Road- North Carolina’s First Interstate Highway - featured
Raleigh’s Love Story-- The Death Of Our City’s Namesake - featured
The Art of Being You 4 Steps to Finding Your True Self