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Published September 23, 2014

Award Winning Articles

The best of the best, this special category is for award-winning Candid Slice articles! From Hidden History to Spooky Legends, Local Geek Culture to Internet Cats, these Slices enjoy immense popularity with our audience.

When you see this badge pinned to an article it means each of these slices has been shared a minimum of 1,000 times by our readers.

They’ve gained media attention, bolstered non-profit efforts, spearheaded social causes, and entertained thousands of readers across the Triangle. In doing so, they’ve triggered conversations and encouraged other people to share their own stories, which is what Candid Slice is all about!

For their excellence, each of these slices has been awarded the K-Club badge.

So enjoy and explore this exclusive category of honored Candid Slice articles. Then, share your own story, and see if you can join the K-Club, too!

Folklife: The Holy Ghost People of Appalachia

Serpent-handling was introduced to Scrabble Creek in 1941 by a coal miner from Harlan, Kentucky.

Murder in Appalachia: Debunking the Myths of Corpsewood Manor

Myths, rumors and legends have surrounded Corpsewood Manor since the brutal double murder of Dr. Charles Scudder and Mr. Joseph Odom on December 12, 1982. Now the true story of Corpsewood Manor.

Folklife: The Faith Healing Tradition of “Talking Out the Fire”

My grandma Viola “talked the fire out” of several burns I received as a child.

Folklife: The Vanishing Grave Houses of Appalachia

Grave houses began to appear around 1840 in upper Cumberland County, Tennessee and were small tent-like wooden structures covering the grave.

North Carolina’s Most Haunted Burial Ground: Asheville’s Riverside Cemetery

Riverside cemetery is located near Asheville, North Carolina and is a very peaceful, quiet place..most of the time.

Appalachian Folklife: The Mysterious Vampire of Big Stone Gap

From Jack Tales to spooky stories, Wise County, Virginia is riddled with history and folklore from the early days of the pioneers through the coal boom after the Civil War.

The Underwater Ghost Town of Judson, North Carolina

Locals tell of family cemeteries that lie beneath the seemingly calm waters, leaving this lingering question: are those unmoved graves still haunting the lake to this very day?

Beautiful Drone Footage: Land of Oz Theme Park from Above

What does the Land of Oz look like when flying over the rainbow? This unique perspective feels like magic, giving the viewer an even more wondrous view of the Land of Oz Theme Park.

Vietnam: Appalachians Make Good Soldiers

On the morning of April 30, 1975 at 0835 hours, the last United States Marines boarded the freedom plane home from Saigon, Republic of South Vietnam.

Folklife: Female Folk Heroes of Moonshine and Bootlegging

Not all moonshiners and bootleggers were good ole boys. In fact, women brewing and producing distilled spirits goes back more than 800 years.

Folklife: The Lost Tradition of Lye Soap and Hog Killin’ Day

The whole family pitched in for this special occasion and usually started a day ahead of the event. Family members came to help because there’s so much work with dressing hogs.

Granny’s Wisdom: The Magic of Wild Medicine

Our ancestors were self-sufficient and independent. With plenty of wildlife and a variety of plants for food and medicine, they were able to make a living and survive.

Sitting Up With the Dead: Lost Appalachian Burial Customs

If you grew up Appalachian, you usually had a family relative who was gifted and could foresee approaching death, omens or dreams of things to come.

Webb Estate: Legend of Raleigh’s Abandoned Mansion

After exploring dozens of abandoned Raleigh neighborhoods, underground malls, hidden graveyards, and secret tunnels, I thought I’d dug up every secret my city had left

“A” is for Asexual: Erasing the Asexual Orientation

Earlier this week Equinox put out a beautiful video supporting the LGBTQA+ community. But I was afraid to watch it. I was afraid I wouldn’t be heard.I am Asexual.

Ever Seen Coins On A Gravestone? This Is What That Means

While visiting some cemeteries you may notice that headstones marking certain graves have coins on them, left by previous visitors to the grave. You might be surprised to find out their meaning.

Viral Outcry Over Georgia Veteran’s Visitation Without Coffin

Family members of George Taylor shared pictures of the veteran’s body displayed on a gurney with a flag draped on top. There was no coffin for the visitation.

The Internet Is Freaking Out About This Odd House On Zillow

“Please read carefully before scheduling showings,” reads the ominous introduction to this most puzzling house listing that has the internet all abuzz.

Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q Harass Raleigh Police Officers

A Raleigh police officer reported an upsetting display of disrespect that took place at Garner’s Smithfield’s Chicken & Barbecue last night.

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman

Many structures were not razed at all, but merely flooded over, including historic homes, bridges, mills, camps, cemeteries, schools, stores and churches.

Antebellum Raleigh: Cameron Plantation and Oberlin Village

Cameron Village named for slaveowner Duncan Cameron, sits atop Oberlin Village, a community of freed slaves built by the men and women emancipated from the Cameron Plantation.

Panther Sightings: Has The Big Cat Returned?

From the Wampus Cat to The Santer to The Beast of Bladenboro, the eastern mountain lion has been extinct for nearly a century, but panther sightings are on the rise.

What’s The Story Behind This Abandoned Neighborhood?

Like the North Carolina mystery at Roanoke, were the families of this neighborhood suddenly forced to leave quickly and without leaving any notes behind?

Underground Tunnels and Aqueducts: Downtown Raleigh’s Lost Waterway

Last week, I snuck right under your feet, crawling beneath the forgotten tunnels and hidden cobblestone waterway that flows beneath West and Peace Streets in downtown Raleigh.

The Eight Creepiest Things Witnessed By Morticians

Morticians: It seems as though a plethora of creepy stories would come out of their occupations, and here is a list of the most hair-raising stories shared by them.

NC Oddities and Curiosities: The Curious Case of the Laurinburg Mummy

The residents of Laurinburg did not consider "Spaghetti" as a spectacle and the funeral home never charged an admission fee to view him.

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance: NC’s Most Famous Lumbee Native

Sylvester Clark Long wanted that chance to be someone other than who society had labeled him. He was North Carolina’s most famous Lumbee Native American.

Never Forget: Pittsboro Memorial Honors 9/11 First Responders

The line between life and death that morning was as straight as a steel beam. Everyone on the 92nd floor died. Everyone on the 91st floor lived.

The Lumbee Tribe Fight for Recognition

“They say we’re not real Indians!” For over 100 years, the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina has been fighting for federal recognition.

The Dead Speak: Symbolism In Cemeteries

Have you ever walked through a cemetery or graveyard and wondered about all the strange and unique symbols depicted on headstones and statues?

Mental Health Awareness: Stomp Out The Stigma

What happens to the millions of people who experience some form of mental illness each year? Do we wait for the next celebrity suicide to remind us to act?

Urban Legends & Raleigh Haunts

Here are eight tales that are all rooted right here in Raleigh, places you can visit on just about any night... if you dare!

The Fabulous Knobs: A Beautiful Hell

An insiders look at one of Raleigh's most influential bands from the most creative period in North Carolina music history.

Oakwood Cemetery: Stories Behind The Headstones

Many stories are buried beneath Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh--mysteries, murders, great heroes, and the foundation of our city's history.

NC Senator Jeffreys: The Man Buried In A Rock

Senator Jeffreys grave may be smashed by vandals, but his final tomb, carved inside a 20-foot boulder, can’t be touched.

Exclusive Interview With The Voice’s Kat Robichaud: Why Raleigh Is Amazing

Kat loves her fans here at home, and she was fantastic enough to grant me an interview. But it's not just any interview. We're not Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine. This interview is specifically for you: The readers in her home state, a message to her fans right here in the Triangle area.

Frankie Silver: North Carolina’s Most Famous Axe Murderer

As her husband lie sleeping, Frankie quietly took her baby from her husband’s arms, decapitated and dismembered his body, and burned him in the fireplace.

Killer Posted Warning On 4chan Hours Before Umpqua College Massacre

Breaking: Warning posted on 4chan last night, today reports of up to 10 dead at Umpqua Community College.

Raleigh Now and Then: 5 Awesome Past and Present Pics

Take a trip down memory lane as we explore Raleigh landmarks, buildings, and sites with these before and after pictures. See how much our city has changed!

How well do you know Cary?

Test your knowledge of our town. Are you a native, long time resident, or recent import? How well do you really know Cary? Find out!

Vanished: Missing Persons Discovered In Submerged Cars

Missing person cases that have remained hidden away for decades in the murky depths of lakes and canals are being solved.

What Does The Confederate Flag Really Mean?

The Confederate flag was used during the civil war, but not for the reasons you may think.

Infertility & Motherhood: A Letter To My Future Adopted Child

To my future adopted child: Although I don’t know who you are, or if you’ve even been born yet, I am anxious to meet you.

10 TRUE North Carolina Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night

North Carolina has its own morbid history of murderous stories, some still unsolved, that will keep you locking your doors at night.

Buzz Quiz: How “Raleigh” Are You?

Take our fun buzz quiz of single word or phrase challenge questions and discover just how "Raleigh" you really are!

Are You A Raleigh Local Aficionado?

From the classic hangouts to the modern downtown scene, have you done anything and everything Raleigh has to offer? Take our quiz to see how to measure up with other Raleigh-ites.

The Best Local Beer Breweries In North Carolina

There are over 100 breweries in North Carolina – more than any other Southern state, and we celebrate them all during North Carolina Beer Month each April.

Ten Facts Of Life On A North Carolina Tobacco Farm

Before you venture to the Farmer's Market this weekend, slow down and take a peak at the photographs and lifestyles of North Carolina's farmers.

This Man Lights Up Raleigh: Happyland Christmas Lights, A Historic Tradition

These lights twinkle in memory of Rick Moore 1986-2004 who, in his short life, always wanted us to put up "More Lights".

Abandoned Village Subway Opens Doors For Last Time

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to see the Village Subway for yourself, you may now have that opportunity.

St. Agnes Hospital: Ruins Of Segregation In Raleigh

The abandoned ruins of St. Agnes Hospital in Raleigh are a reminder of our segregated past, but also evidence of humanity's desire to help each other.

Restoring Raleigh Christmas History: The Cross Family Display

The Crosses always had the best Christmas decorations in Raleigh, and people came from miles around to see them.

Witches In North Carolina: Deep Roots In Magick

Contemporary Tarheel witches tend more toward practical ritual, social activism, environmental conservation, and human and animal rights awareness.

Nine Ways to Help Gluten-Free Folk Enjoy the Holidays Safely

For people who follow a gluten-free lifestyle, the holiday season is the most challenging the time of year for food safety. Around the holidays we attend dinner parties and other mixed food-centric functions, unceartain of the ingredients, how the food was prepared, or if it’s been cross-contaminated.

Nuclear Bomb Mishap: The Day North Carolina Was Almost Destroyed

Major Tulloch was hastily ordered to return his plane and nuclear payload to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The bomber never made it.

The Four Best Coffee Shops In Raleigh

If there's one thing I love about Raleigh, it's the local coffee scene. There is just something magical about a latte that makes the air a bit more sparkly.

The Magic of Words: North Carolina’s First Witch Trial

IGNORAMOUS: That's the all-caps, bolded word scrawled across the verdict of North Carolina's first witch trial. The story begins on July 25, 1703 when Thomas Bouthier filed a legal complaint with the courts of Albemarle County accusing Susannah Evans for the death of his wife, Deborah by means of witchcraft.

The Two Faces of Jeffrey MacDonald – Raleigh’s National Murder Case

In the early morning of February 17, 1970, Fort Bragg police arrive at MacDonald's house in response to an emergency phone call from Jeffrey MacDonald. What they found was Colette, Kimberley, and Kristen MacDonald all dead in their respective bedrooms. The scene aptly described as "horrific".

Arrogance: Remembering The Village Subway Music Scene

We had so many special nights at The Pier it's hard to single one out. We would do things at The Pier we wouldn't do anywhere else. Don Dixon, of Arrogance.

Haunted Biltmore: My Firsthand Paranormal Tour

After having a creepy experience there when I was about fifteen years old, I set out to learn what history might support the fright I had there.

Racism In Raleigh: Remnants of Segregation At Umstead Park

Ever wonder why Umstead State Park has two entrances that never connect? Well, that's not exactly true. The Crabtree entrance to the north and the Reedy Creek entrance to the south technically do connect, but not by any paved roads.

Filming Underground: People Share Their Stories In The Village Subway

Last Monday I had the honor of meeting some amazing Raleigh historians, matching them up with the spectacular Cameron Village Marketing Team, and venturing down into the Village Subway to hear their stories of the magical time spent there in the 1970's.

The Day The Music Died: WQDR 94.7 FM

Even though I knew WQDR 94.7 FM would be signing off and switching over to a country format, nothing had prepared me for the moment it actually happened.

Oakwood Cemetery’s Origins: Digging Up The Past

Historic Oakwood Cemetery was developed in the aftermath of the Civil War, when Raleigh had no place to bury fallen Confederate soldiers.

10 Strangest Country Cures And Natural Remedies

Some country cures and natural remedies are better than chemicals and medicine, but some are downright scary.

Teamwork, Dirt, Discipline: Life Lessons Learned In Tobacco Fields

Tobacco plants with their tall stalks, big leaves and crowning flowers have been a major part of our state's history and economy.

Civil Rights In Carolina: A Native American’s Story

When one thinks of the Civil Rights era, it's usually a black and white issue. North Carolina was a tri-segregated state.

7 Wonders Of Raleigh: Icons of The 1970’s

Pretty much anyone who lived through the 1970's in Raleigh remembers what a magical era it was. Times were simple and Punk rock filled the air.

Memories And Mysteries Of Catsburg Country Store In Durham

The simple life isn't all that the Catsburg Country Store calls to mind for locals. Cat's community is built atop a slightly darker history.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum: The Legend Of The Raleigh Giant

What comes to mind when you hear the term "Raleigh Giant"? Big Man? What about Paint-Can Man or Muffler Man?

How Well Do You Really Know Raleigh?

Think you know Raleigh? Take the quiz and find out!

Love Letters And Healing Springs: The Story Of Fuquay-Varina

When you see the name Fuquay-Varina, you instantly wonder, "How do I say that?" Let's get that out of the way right now: Few' kway vuh re'nuh.

9 Rules for Surviving an Anime Convention

Its anime convention season and my home con Animazement is in a couple weeks. I want to try and give everyone a hand with 9 brutally honest rules for surviving and enjoying an anime convention.

The Great Wagon Road: North Carolina’s First Interstate Highway Disappears

The Great Wagon Road was North Carolina’s first interstate highway and the last muscle-powered freeway. The road served as a gateway to land ownership and prosperity for many of our ancestors. And now, it's almost completely gone.

The Underground Rises: Cameron Village Brings Back The Music Scene

Cameron Village plans more concerts to promote local bands and engage Raleigh in the music scene, just like in the days of The Pier, The Bear's Den, Cafe Deja Vu, and the Frog and Nightgown.

Homeless Jesus Statue In North Carolina Reminds Us To Be Kind

Apparently a statue of a homeless man has people completely outraged here in North Carolina. I feel like I should just stop being shocked every time our state gets embarrassing media attention and awkward Twitter hashtags directed at us.

A Clairvoyant Exploration Of Raleigh’s Heck-Andrews House

At 309 North Blount Street in Raleigh sits the first grand residence built in North Carolina after the Civil War. Architect G. S. H. Appleget designed this home for Confederate Colonel Jonathan McGee Heck. It’s a landmark often visited on downtown tours through out the year, and given special attention for its eerie legends.

The Sin Of Being Psychic: Spiritual Insights From A Psychic Christian

The common perception that most people have regarding psychics is misunderstood and misrepresented. Most people see psychics as fake, charlatans or think they are evil and practice witchcraft. I’m going to go out on a limb here and come out of the closet with some of my own insights in the matter.

If Raleigh’s Roads Could Speak: A History of Street Names

Have you ever wondered why a street is assigned a certain name? Raleigh has quite a vivid history, and its street signs can give us a glimpse into that past.

Buried Treasure in Cary: The Ghostly Legend of High House

During my past decade of commutes through Cary, I had no idea I’d been driving past buried treasure each day. The “Buried Treasure and Ghost of High House” is a little-known gem I first discovered in the footnotes of an old history book.

Abandoned Cemetery for Emancipated Slaves Hidden in Cameron Village

If you check the satellite view of Cameron Village near Oberlin Road, you'll find something mysterious. Amongst the high-rise apartment buildings, upscale boutiques, and fine dining of the bustling outdoor mall, a is a somewhat sizable wooded area nestled right in the middle of everything.

The Mayor and City Council Respond to LoveWins Ministries’ Viral Blog: Feeding Homeless Apparently Illegal In Raleigh, NC

What's up with the big, proverbial "DO NOT FEED THE HOMELESS" sign in Moore Square? Ever since LoveWins Ministries posted their viral blog about their run-in with the police in Moore Square, concerned do-gooders all over Raleigh have demanded answers.

5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Cats

My two cats have taught me many lessons on healthy living. After being owned by my two cats, I can say un-CAT-egorically that I am a cat person. They also provide a CAT-harsis from the stresses of life when I either laugh at the antics of Norie, the black cat, or sit and pet Sister, the grey tabby.

The Raleigh Underground: An Epic Era Sealed Beneath Cameron Village

When I sat down on Saturday to write about the Village Subway, I had no idea the kind of magic I was tapping into. Nor did I ever imagine that less than a week later, I'd be invited to venture down into this urban exploration paradise – to bring you new pictures, WRAL news coverage, and a definitive collection of images, videos, and quotes from the people who spent their youths Underground.

The Raleigh Underground: An Abandoned Mall Right Beneath Our Feet

If you were born before the 1960's, you probably already knew that there's an entire underground mall, abandoned and decomposing beneath downtown Raleigh. However, if, like me, you were born in the 1980's and beyond, you're probably saying: Say what, now???

A Lesson Plan for Childhood Poverty and Chocolate

If you want to teach your students about poverty and homelessness, here is a great lesson plan, and all you need is a bag of chocolate!

10 Service Projects for Kids, Teachers, and the Classroom

Volunteer Projects from the Classroom (but NOT your same old boring "canned food drive"). It's never to early to instill values of kindness! And there is no better way to teach your students lessons on volunteering than actually getting them engaged. Here are 10 simple classroom projects to get you kick started on instilling these values today.

Slicing the Supernatural: A Basic Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment and Paranormal Precautions

So you want to go ghost hunting but you don’t have the money for all those fancy equipment in those ghost hunting shows? Not to worry. There are plenty of cost effective ways you can make your own ghost hunting equipment kit and know what to expect when you go ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunt! Crybaby Lane Sliced Open

For years I’ve wondered over the local mystery of downtown Raleigh’s local legend: Crybaby Lane and the remnants of the burned down Catholic orphanage.

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