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Published June 27, 2018

Beautiful Drone Footage: Land of Oz Theme Park from Above

What does the Land of Oz look like when flying over the rainbow? During my latest visit to the Land of Oz Theme Park, way atop the beautiful Beech Mountain, my friend and I were fortunate to get permission from management to fly a drone around “Kansas” and over the yellow brick road itself.

This unique perspective feels like magic, giving the viewer an even more wondrous view of the Land of Oz Theme Park.

Land of Oz Theme Park from Above

Without further ado, here’s the video, courtesy of the beautiful work of Darin Saavedra!

Sitting on the very top of highest elevated resort on the East Coast, the Land of Oz Theme Park really feels separate from the rest of the world. The natural views from atop Beech Mountain are astonishing. From Dorothy’s roof, you can see miles across the North Carolina’s Appalachia.

The drone, flying even higher than bird’s eye view, really captures the mountaintop perspective.

The clouds are vibrant and large in many of the shots because a string of thunderstorms actually rolled in while we stood on the cliffside, watching lightning strike other mountaintops before finally calling the drone back and taking shelter, quite serendipitously, in Dorothy’s house.

Why is the Land of Oz so Magical?

If you have noticed that something about the Land of Oz seems more authentic than other theme parks, you’re very right! Most modern day theme parks raze the natural landscape, then build their plastic world and unnatural landscape on the flat dirt. Jack Pentes, Oz’s designer, refused to flatten the top of Beech Mountain. Instead, when he first walked across the natural mountaintop, he said to the land developers, “This is Oz.”

The yellow brick road, Munchkinland, and even the Emerald City were built into the pre-existing landscape — so the yellow brick road curls around every mossy boulder, the ancient gnarled trees became the Witch’s forest, and the organic beauty of the mountain was maintained.

To add that extra burst of magic, Pentes also crawled along the ground on his knees so he could see the world from the perspective of a child. He wanted to make sure everything about Oz was genuine, so it felt like a real place.


A Rare View of a Beloved Theme Park

Even with tickets available, the park is only open for a handful of days each year, making it difficult to get at the magic inside. In the meantime, Oz-lovers rely on photography and drone footage to get an inside look at Oz.

When the Land of Oz Theme Park opened in 1970, the yellow brick road enjoyed bustling crowds. An entire generation of children made precious memories. However, during the 1980’s the park was closed. This lead to many rumors of the park being abandoned– but the park was not forgotten. It was just waiting for the 1970’s children to grow up and want to share the magic with their own kids.

Recently, the Land of Oz opened its doors in June 2018. Tickets for September are now on sale on the Land of Oz Theme Park website.

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