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Published August 17, 2013

Black Cat Appreciation Day: How Superstition Kills Black Cats

Why should there be an appreciation day for black cats? They have a long and varied history thanks to the cultures who labeled them as good or evil.

In ancient Egypt, all cats, and especially black ones were treasured because of the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bast. In Great Britain and Scotland, they were considered good luck for brides and for homes.

During the shipping era, black cats were desired on board by the sailors; their wives also wanted black cats around the house to protect their sailor husbands.


The USA has not been kind to black cats

Black Cat Norie sits on laptop

Unfortunately the USA, has not been as kind to our black cat friends. When the pilgrims arrived with their religious culture, suspicion of anything unexplained also arrived. They blamed black cats, witches and other chosen scapegoats for their fears. Anyone who performed mysterious deeds, sometimes including healings, were considered sorcerers or witches .

Black cats were implicated by association with these unfortunates. The black color and golden eyes, probably linked these beautiful creatures, in the “ignorant’s” minds with the devil or witchcraft.


Black cats are put to sleep 5 times more often

Now some of these beautiful creatures are suffering just because of their color.

  • Did you know that in rescue and pet adoption agencies, black cats are the hardest ones to place?
  • Did you know that Black cats are 5 times more likely to be put to sleep in these sites than other colored cats?
  • Did you know much of this is from prejudice founded on ancient superstitions?
  • Did you know that many people think all black cats look alike?


Black cats are no different than other cats

Let’s get in the 21 century folks! Black cats are no different than other cats, (well, in my opinion they may be more beautiful). They eat, play, sleep, are curious, loving, intelligent, hunters, just like most other cats. I have a confession to make. I am prejudiced for my black cat and I’m not evil!!


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Norie has many interests

I have seen Norie grow from a 6 month old skinny little cat to a full sized adult. She has such a delightfully funny, curious, affectionate, opinionated, and intelligent mind. She collects straws and little nicknacks under my refrigerator, as well as under a neglected cloth or towel on the floor.

Black Cat Norie collects and plays with staws

One of her favorite things is to hide under a rug or in a cloth bag. If she doesn’t get attention, she trills until I start “play looking” for her. She loves my computer case and even falls asleep in it.

Black Cat Norie playing in a bag

Adventuring into the garage for a change of scenery or to “meditate” while sitting on top of my car, in the dark is one of Norie’s favorite activities. Her intelligence and energy often amazes me.

She stands and paws rapidly at the mirror, which I figure is good exercise.

Black Cat Norie at her scratching post

The old saying about curiosity killing the cat can’t be true! Norie has an amazing curiosity about everything and she is still very much alive. Water flowing from a faucet is one of her curious subjects. Bubbles cause her to sit and stare with eyes wide open as they fall.

Black Cat Norie peeking out at you

I can’t imagine why anyone would hate black cats or associate them with evil. I see nothing in my black cat but intelligence, curiosity, playfulness and love.

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  • Elaine Estes


  • I love stories and legends, whether they be educational, humourous, silly or touching. I grew up on the fairy tales and later grew to love legends from different times and different cultures. Find other stories and legends from Elaine, by visiting her own blog “joyful2bee“. All my articles.

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