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Published June 15, 2013

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days, is a verse from Ecclesiastes 11:1. This verse is so appropriate for my short story.

Last week I bought a solar energy powered sunflower to place on my car’s dashboard. I thought it was cute and it made me smile. (Normally I don’t buy little things to decorate my car, but it in that moment it somehow seemed like the right thing to do.)

Solar Sunflower
Solar Sunflower

On Saturday I visited my friend and her son in Greenville, South Carolina. We went shopping together and I suddenly had this idea that her four year-old son might like the sunflower. I gave it to his mother to give to him.

Delighted, she smiled and said he had seen one just like it in the store a few days prior. He’d wanted it really badly, but they hadn’t bought it. So I felt really good about sharing with him.

Monday, on the way home, I visited my cousin and her husband in their home near Charlotte.

As I was leaving she said, “Wait a minute, I have a little something for you.”

When she came back she handed me a solar energy sunflower, exactly like the one I had bought and given to my friend’s son.

What we do always comes back to us. Or to use a more common expression, “What goes around, comes around.” New Living Translation (©2007) interprets the above verse as:

“Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.”

My bread did come back to me, but doubly so. I gave something to someone out of love and someone else gave it back to me with love. So I received the joy of giving and of being loved. All of this was bound together with the happiness and sharing that I experienced.

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  • I love stories and legends, whether they be educational, humourous, silly or touching. I grew up on the fairy tales and later grew to love legends from different times and different cultures. Find other stories and legends from Elaine, by visiting her own blog “joyful2bee“. All my articles.

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