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Published October 10, 2016

Choose Your Zombie: The Raleigh Zombie Walk Returns!

Imagine life as a zombie. You wake up, struggle to your rotting feet, and follow the scent of human flesh. You see others like you, shambling in the same direction. You can’t move very well, but you press on as more and more of your undead brethren join the herd. Finally, you find an unsuspecting human. It’s time… to strike a pose for the photo ops.

Welcome to the Annual Raleigh Zombiewalk, where zombies from all walks of un-life gather together.

But what kind of zombie will you be?

There are lots of different types of zombies throughout popular culture to choose from. The most familiar may be the Walkers of The Walking Dead fame, shambling and growling with insatiable hunger in a classic George Romero-esque fashion. But the classic zombie is by no means the only type.

There’s also the fantasy zombie, like the ones that pop up in Game of Thrones. There are actually two types that show up in that particular show; the ordinary zombie raised by magic, and their commander, the more intelligent White Walker. Both wear medieval-style clothing, but the White Walkers are more elaborately designed. You won’t be able to get away with a just ratty t-shirt and jeans if you want to wow your fellow zombies with your sense of style.

Let’s not forget about the Sci-fi techno-zombie, either. Although not always “dead” to begin with, members of the Borg of Star Trek fame are as ruthless and terrifying as any other zombie. Their cyborg implants are a defining feature that allow them to assimilate new members of their brood. There have been a few tweaks to their design over the years, but the most terrifying version appeared in Star Trek: First Contact. The makeup and prosthetics looked especially nauseating, appearing to dig into dead, grey flesh like talons. You wouldn’t want to encounter a Borg in a dark corner of Fayetteville Street. Or anywhere.


If you want to go slightly more obscure with your zombie getup, you can choose to dress up as everyone’s favorite undead wrestler, the Undertaker. Depending on when you watched him on Monday Night Raw, he could have looked like a mortician, a demonic shaman, a member of Hell’s Angels, or an immortal cowboy. Take your pick, he’d be pretty easy to emulate. You might even get a few high-fives, as long as your fellow zombies aren’t intimidated by your ability to command pyrotechnics and a stellar 21-1 win/loss record at Wrestlemania.

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If you want to go a little sideways, stick a couple of fat bolts on your neck and join the zombie walk as Frankenstein’s monster. Although he’s not commonly called a zombie, he certainly fits the criteria. So does any fictional character who has come back from the dead, like most superheroes. If you ever went as Captain America for Halloween or Dragon*Con, bust it out again and add some zombie touch-ups. You won’t be out of place.

Choose Your Zombie-- The Raleigh Zombie Walk Returns - 2

Assemble the horde at the Moore Square Acorn (Martin Street side)

  • 7:00pm on Saturday, October 29th.
  • Pet & family-friendly.
  •  FREE event.
  •  Living, dead and dead-ish welcome.

So come on by to Moore Square and walk with the Walkers, Borg, Undertakers, Frankensteins, and Superheroes. Let all zombies unite for the common good of having fun! And if that weren’t enough, don’t forget the after party at London Bridge Pub – 110 E. Hargett, with live nusic from the Chit Nasty Band, hosted by Nice Events.

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