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Published September 25, 2013

Community Corner: Raleigh’s Crowemag Toys

Across the street from Meredith college lies an unassuming lot. You may pass it every day driving up and down Hillsborough St, on the way to NC State or the Fairgrounds. A Ben & Jerry’s is clearly visible from the street, and students frequent the Royal Bean Coffee House right next door.

Out of view from the road, nestled within the small complex lies a stunning slice of nostalgia. Toys of every era line the shelves. Some are boxed, some are loose, all are small plastic reminders of our childhood.

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Welcome Crowemag Toys, your one-stop shop for everything you wanted growing up, and a collector’s dream.

Crowemag Toys features a large collection of old favorites. “The first thing everyone does is say ‘Wow, I had that!'” clerk and blogger Zack Smith says.

Raleigh Crowemag Toys Darth Vader

He isn’t wrong. Toys long forgotten, like the original Ghostbusters line and Battle Beasts join long-time favorites like Transfromers, GI-Joe, and more superhero stuff than you can shake Harry Potter’s wand at. Newer releases are also represented, like the Walking Dead and Doctor Who.

Crowemag also carries some rarities and convention exclusives, and are well worth a look.

If like collecting, have a fondness for the toys of the 80’s and 90’s, or just want to nab an inexpensive Spider-Man for your little tyke, Crowemag Toys should be on your list of retailers to visit. For further information, check out their web site or their Facebook page.

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