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Published March 29, 2017

Creepy But Funny Yelp Hotel Reviews

Here is a selection of our favorite Yelp reviews from people who braved a night or two in some of America’s most haunted, notorious, or just plain seediest hotels and motels. These are lowest of the low one-star reviews, and honestly, they’re downright riveting.

Most of us checking into a hotel are just looking for the basics, a clean room, fresh sheets, maybe free cable TV.

But sometimes through a twist of fate, we end up booked into the hotel from hell, with hookers, ghosts, funky smells, odd stains, or worst.

Let’s look at these real Yelp reviews left by regular folks who got more (or less) than they paid for.

The Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

In 2013 a corpse was discovered in the water tank at the hotel after guests complained of foul-smelling black water coming from their taps. Yelper Joe C. captured the essence of the moment with his short but concise review.

Hair Raising Yelp Reviews Of Haunted Hotels 11

Joe C.
  • Do not stay here, the water has been contaminated by a decomposing corpse in the water tank. This will probably ruin your experience, especially when it comes time to drink any water, brush your teeth, or bathe. Stay away!

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