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Published March 23, 2017

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman

It’s so massive, people call it the “inland sea”. It stretches across four counties and took a full two years to fill. Lake Norman has over 500 miles of shoreline, and a surface area of 32,000 acres. When the lake began to fill it swallowed bridges, homes, mills, farms and churches, many still intact.

Constructed between 1959-1964 it’s the largest freshwater lake in North Carolina and is the power source for Charlotte and most of Mecklenburg county.

Like most man made lakes, people assume that part of the planning and construction called for the various structures in the lakes path to be leveled and removed, but they would be wrong.

In fact many structures were not razed at all, but merely flooded over.

These include: historic homes, bridges, mills, camps, cemeteries, schools, stores and churches, along with ancient Native American sites and even a famous battleground from the Revolutionary War.

Decades After Disappearing -- Mystery Beneath Lake Norman - dam

So let’s take a closer look at some the of history buried deep beneath the murky surface of Lake Norman.

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