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Published March 23, 2017

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman  [Page 10]

The Lake Norman Monster

While not historical, Lake Norman is also home to “The Lake Norman Monster”, or simply “Normie”. Described as long and serpentine with scaly fins or flippers, this creature has been seen by dozens of witnesses: swimmers, fisherman, campers, water skiers and scuba divers.

Descriptions vary in color and size, but it seems people are definitely seeing something large and frightening in the lake.

Decades After Disappearing -- What Lies Beneath Lake Norman - Monster

There are several theories to explain the Lake Norman Monster phenomenon. Some believe the creature is none other than a catfish of gigantic proportions. Others think people are seeing a large fish called bowfin, alligators or possibly large salamanders known as hellbenders.

If you enjoy reading about lost history hiding underground, take a look at this forgotten subterranean mall. Or, explore Seven Forgotten Historic NC Sites With Unique Stories.

We also found an entire abandoned neighborhood in the middle of suburbia. Looks like the set of the Walking Dead!

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