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Published March 23, 2017

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman  [Page 3]

East Monbo Mill And Village

The East Monbo mill was built in 1907 by W. D. Turner, and entered into full production in the summer of 1910. As was the custom of those times, the mill provided homes to workers, who had the option to either purchase or rent them.

When notice came of the lake plans, people were compensated for the property, and given their home. However most could not afford to purchase new land and pay to have the home moved.

Decades After Disappearing -- What Lies Beneath Lake Norman - East Monbo Mill

Some were able to trade their land for property that would become lake front. Parts of the mill and many of the homes remained and were flooded over as the lake filled to capacity.

Location: 35.671, -80.966

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