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Published March 23, 2017

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman  [Page 5]

Georgian-style Plantation House

John D. Graham, the son of Revolutionary War hero Gen. Joseph Graham, built the Georgian-style plantation house known as Elm Wood in the 1820s in Catawba Springs, it was one of the grandest in the area.

In order to save the plantation house from being flooded the interior was first dismantled, carted off, and stored in a barn. But in 1961 there was a fire in the barn, and the home’s interior was destroyed.

Decades After Disappearing -- What Lies Beneath Lake Norman - Elm Wood

The project was abandoned and the exterior shell of the plantation house now rests below the surface of Lake Norman.

Location: 35.4732, -80.9571

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