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Published March 23, 2017

Decades After Disappearing: History Lurks Under Lake Norman  [Page 6]

Family Cemeteries

Everyone knows this great line from many a ghost story: “They moved the head stones but left the bodies”, in the case of Lake Norman its not a tall tale.

Duke Power moved multiple family cemeteries to make way for Lake Norman, however in some cases, and only after obtaining permission from family descendants, only the headstones were moved while the remains were not disturbed.

Decades After Disappearing -- Mystery Beneath Lake Norman - cemetery

To inform the public about what it was doing, Duke Power published a 46-page document that indicates seven family cemeteries were moved, as well as a single grave. It does not go into detail on how many of those cemeteries elected to only move the headstones.

Locations: 35.4786, -80.9556 | 35.4571, -80.9275 | 35.5626, -80.9777 | 35.5510, -80.9631 | 35.6579, -80.9598 | 35.4957, -80.9078 | 35.5174, -80.9037

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