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Published January 11, 2017

Deep Web: 10 Creepy Websites With Eerie Stories

The Internet is deeper and darker than many people imagine, and when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. While most surface level and major websites only hold the usual dangers–like bots crawling your cookies to serve up more precise advertisements for you–there are shadows and ghosts lurking in the chasms of the web; and while you are looking at your screen, you never know what is looking back out at you.

Just listen to these ten eerie tales from the deep web:


1. Mariana’s Web

Mariana’s Web, pointedly named after Mariana’s Trench, which is the deepest point on earth, is buried so deep in the internet that it’s currently only theorized to exist. Most casual users will never enter the deep web, as it is advisable to use Tor, a specialized browser to make detecting your IP address difficult — to protect your identity, credit card information, and passwords.

Deep Web -- 10 Creepy Websites With Eerie Stories - 1

While the deep web often houses illegal activities and disturbing images, Mariana’s Web is said to be even deeper beneath the code. People speculate the secrets of humanity are hidden here, such as the location of Atlantis, how to communicate with aliens, and even a subset of the internet used by extraterrestrials to examine earthlings.

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