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Published March 28, 2017

Digital Urbex: 6 Abandoned Websites With Eerie Stories

Urban exploring lets every geeky wannabe pretend to be Indiana Jones for a day. Crumbling buildings, haunting stories, creepy graveyards — and, boy, do I look cool with a headlamp and night-vision goggles!

Now, urbex has gotten even more badass. Instead of risking life and limb in asbestos-filled buildings, we can explore the digital graveyards of dead websites. Like dilapidated, century-old structures, the ancient architecture of late 1980’s and early 90’s websites are breaking apart.

Full of broken links and dead profiles and little red x’s where images used to lay, these tombs lie frozen in time and tell dozens of tales–some creepy, some funny, some tragic. In fact, some even have their own ghost stories.

And the biggest risk you run is stumbling into a dusty 404 error.

So ready your whip and hat, and hope we don’t stumble across any snakes! I hate snakes.

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