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Published July 4, 2017

Does Bigfoot Roam The Uwharrie National Forest?

Uwharrie National Forest is one of the best-kept secrets in North Carolina. City dwellers can experience a wilderness adventure with just a hop, skip and a jump an hour and a half outside the Triangle area. Located mainly in Montgomery County, this 50,000-acre federal national forest offers camping, hiking, hunting, boating, and fishing.

With its location on the edge of the Uwharrie, along with two lakes and the Yadkin River, it’s no wonder the Town of Troy wants to rebrand its image to attract new residents, businesses, and tourist. The Town of Troy has a population of about 3400 and has experienced an unusual growth spurt in the last few months. So how do you build on growth and market a small town with lots to offer? You adopt Bigfoot as your unofficial mascot!

Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch is one of the most widely known creatures in the world yet the scientific community declares it does not exist. While still unconfirmed as an actual species, thousands of reports, videos, pictures and audio recordings cascade in from all 49 states and Canada. Bigfoot researchers estimate a population of 4,000 of these indigenous species are currently roaming in North America. Since the 1990’s, reports of the elusive hairy bipedal humanoid have been sighted in the Uwharrie as well as hearing strange sounds of loud tree knocks and howling screams.

Researchers have also found evidence of large footprint tracks. North Carolina is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings. Witness accounts on the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) website go as far back as 1968 in Green County near Carolina Bay Swamp. According to the BFRO, 96 reported cases across the state of North Carolina have been documented. Out of those reported cases, Montgomery County has led the state with the most sightings and encounters.

The most recent sightings reported to the BFRO by a witness in October of 2015 near El Dorado while tent camping in the Uwharrie with his wife and dogs. Reports and sightings of Bigfoot have been credible enough to warrant the attention of the network Animal Planet to send producers and a crew with the television series, “Finding Bigfoot” to research the area in February of 2011.

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  • Hope Thompson


  • Trying to educate the world one SLICE OF HISTORY at a time! Hope Thompson is a freelance journalist focused on hidden history, Southern & Appalachian folklife, and Native American culture. She is a native of North Carolina and has been writing for this space for four years. She currently works in state government finance and owns a graphic design business. All my articles.

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