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Published November 16, 2013

Exclusive Interview With The Voice’s Kat Robichaud: Why Raleigh Is Amazing

The Raleigh music scene has its share of edgy and earthy local musicians. I’ve watched them perform in coffee shops with weeping guitar strings and soulful voices, and I’ve danced my face off at venues like The Pour House, Volume 11, and Kings.

So when one of Raleigh’s own–when one of my own–rises to stardom on national television, I feel a thumping urge to stand up and shout, “Yes, America! This is what my city is made of!”

So thank you, Kat Robichaud, for boasting Raleigh’s eclectic music scene on The Voice. With every powerhouse, punk ballad you sing, you give the people here in Raleigh a voice, too. We are unique. We are creative. And we can each make our dreams come true, too.

Kat loves her fans here at home, and she was fantastic enough to grant me an interview. But it’s not just any interview.

We’re not Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine. This interview is specifically for you: The readers in her home state, a message to her fans right here in the Triangle area. Odds are, you’ll actually find you have a lot in common. I discovered we shared many of the same stomping grounds in downtown, and she has great taste in sushi!


Candid Slice:

  • You had a base of fans here even before you went on The Voice, from playing local shows at places like The Pour House. Can you tell me about some of your favorite local venues and what it’s like living and playing in the Raleigh music scene? What were some of your favorite hang out spots?

Kat Robichaud:

  • Exclusive-Interview-With-The-Voice’s-Kat-Robichaud-Why-Raleigh-Is-Amazing- 1My favorite venues are The Pour House and Lincoln Theater. Although I never played Slims, I really love going and seeing bands there. I’m pretty sure they’re the only bar in town that plays David Bowie non-stop (at least when I’m there…maybe it’s because I beg them). Playing in Raleigh was awesome. We had/have amazing fans. I’m seeing that now with the viewing parties that have been sprouting up in the area. It’s really cool to see people wearing cat ears.
  • I’m a huge fan of Sushi Blues. Best sushi and atmosphere in town. I also love anything Ashley Christiansen has put her hands on. Poole’s is my favorite restaurant.


Candid Slice:

  • I see you worked at Sushi Blues (one of my favorites, by the way!) The Triangle area has so many people who work full-time jobs, then pursue their artistic ambitions on the side. Please, inspire us. Tell our readers a little about what it’s like to be a working artist, balancing your day job with chasing your dreams.

Kat Robichaud:

  • Exclusive Interview With The Voice’s Kat Robichaud -- Why Raleigh Is Amazing - 3I worked at Sushi Blues when I was attending NCSU. I made full-time living when I was in The Design, so I didn’t need a part-time job. We played a lot of weddings and cover shows, which pay enough to get by. But I left the band and the band broke up because I really just wanted to pursue a solo career with my own music. Although we put out two original albums, we were spending way too much time learning cover songs for clubs and weddings, and weren’t playing enough shows with our original music.


Candid Slice:

  • Raleigh is your foundation, a base of support that will unconditionally support and love you as we watch you make your dreams a reality! Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans from your home base?

Kat Robichaud:

  • Exclusive-Interview-With-The-Voice’s-Kat-Robichaud-Why-Raleigh-Is-Amazing-2I want to say to Raleigh: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
  • Just make sure that you’re voting as many times as you can every time. The twitter save was created for a reason.
  • People think, “Oh, she’s safe. I don’t need to vote for her tonight.” and then everyone has that thought and there I am in the bottom three.
  • Always vote like no one else is voting! I want to bring this home for Raleigh and for North Carolina.


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Raleigh’s music and arts scene is blindingly alive–just go downtown any Friday night and watch the flash of lights and people, working, dancing, creating, and connecting.

Kat is proof that our artists have what it takes to get out there and be heard. Plus, she likes Doctor Who. Fantastic!

But part of the artistic community, from the local scene all the way to Hollywood, is the strength of fandom. Kat Robichaud is on The Voice being the voice for North Carolina’s music community. And just listen to that voice!

Are you a fan? Are you a struggling artist? Do you also like sushi or Doctor Who or David Bowie? We can be Kat’s voice here in Raleigh by voting! As Kat says, “You can vote sooo many times, from multiple email accounts and multiple phone numbers. The number of votes you can cast is infinite really.” Plus, you can download her song on itunes, which counts as a vote and extra bonus points!

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And in support of someone who inspires me as a music-lover and a struggling artist, I’m happy to vote “sooo many times.” Come join the official Voice Viewing Party in Raleigh — cat ears are optional! In fact, everyone’s meeting this Monday at Cameron Bar and Grill at 7pm to watch and vote!

And be sure to check out Kat’s Facebook Fan Page!

And as they always say: Be sure to vote after the show!

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