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Published May 2, 2016

FBI Behind Mysterious Surveillance Aircraft Over Cary

If you live in Cary North Carolina you may have noticed small low flying planes in the sky lately. Is it just local hobbyist aviators enjoying the clear blue sky while taking in the sights of our town? Or is it something more mysterious and sinister. Is Cary a hot spot for nefarious activity, the types of which warrant regular FBI flights for specific, ongoing investigations?

Did you know that the FBI is operating a small air force of low-flying planes across the country? Planes stuffed full of cutting edge technology to conduct video and cellphone surveillance on its own citizens? It is unlikely you did, because this privately sourced air force is hidden behind fictitious front companies, owned and operated by the government.

But the government would never spy on its citizens without search warrants and court scrutinized oversight, right? Wrong. These planes’ powerful surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge’s approval, but fear not as the FBI does shield the identity of the aircraft so that “suspects” on the ground (that’s You!) don’t know they’re being watched by the Feds.

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So you would expect “hot spot” places in North Carolina like Fayetteville (Military), Charlotte (Banking), or Raleigh (Goverment) would be targeted for this type of covert surveillance, right? Yes, to varying degrees there have been flights in all of those locations. However it appears that one of the greatest concentration of convert surveillance flights is right here in Cary! And in particular a very small corridor in South Cary.

As more aircraft fly the same surveillance pattern, a dense circle emerges outlining the distinct area being observed. (Courtesy of
As more aircraft fly the same surveillance pattern, a dense circle emerges outlining the distinct area being observed. (Courtesy of


So just how evasive is this surveillance? These planes are stuffed full of high tech equipment such as dense pixel video cameras, paired with augmented reality software apps that are capable of mapping video images of everything from the address on your homes mailbox to your kids out playing in the yard. When visual is not enough, these planes are supplemented with equipment that is capable of tracking your every move via that cell phone in your pocket.

Some of you may have noticed these planes, and thought nothing of them, as these aircraft are small, unremarkable, and typically flying a mile or so above ground. But the majority have likely given them no notice at all, as they are equipped with special exhaust to mute their engines, keeping with their covert mission of spying on the unsuspecting.

The FBI will not publicly discuss the reasons for these flights but claim their planes are not conducting mass surveillance.

Although the FBI has described the program as unclassified and not secret, officially they have refused to disclose any details on the program, including how many planes the department flies or the costs of the program. However in the most recent budget document made public, the FBI listed 115 planes in its fleet, including 90 Cessna aircraft.

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Last month in a government oversight hearing, it was revealed the FBI was flying aircraft over the both the Ferguson and Baltimore protests. During the hearing, the FBI told Congress that the operation is “completely legal”.

As to why the FBI has such a keen interest in this tiny corridor located in Cary, they aren’t saying and we have no idea. Maybe one of our readers can share their insights or speculation in the comments below.

FBI Behind Mysterious Surveillance Aircraft Over Cary - 3
FBI surveillance flights over North Carolina Aug – Dec 2015. (Courtesy of

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