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Published June 10, 2013

Former Republican: White Middle Class Mom, and her Path to Civil Disobedience

I can tell you that I ultimately got involved in Moral Mondays to take a stand for teachers, teaching assistants, parents and children in the state of North Carolina.

I spoke out on Monday, taking my activism to a whole new level, so other reasonable people can hear my experience. However, the main legislators continue choosing to ignore the truth. I’m happy we have met friends in the Moral Monday community who spread our stories around like gossip–but the good kind that just might work to change the tide of where we want to as a state and as a nation!

jen-story-moral-monday-raleighThrough Moral Mondays, I have had several new and incredible experiences. I spoke out at the first Voter ID hearing, met with representatives, and dropped by countless offices. I also spoke at a House HHS Committee meeting against the eligibility requirements they’re proposing for Pre-K. At the end of my statement, I asked the House Reps, “If you are so concerned with budgetary concerns for Pre-K, why don’t you take the four million dollars set aside for Voter ID and put it towards that, or public education?”

After that, my life consisted of phone calls, a Mom’s Lobby Day, more letters and emails, and a decent size Constituent Follow-up Meeting with my local state senator, Tamara Barringer.

I’m like many of you, in that the most drastic and extreme cuts may not directly impact me. But they impact family and friends, people I love in this state. I feel like I had no other choice but to engage in civil disobedience.

Moral_Monday_Jen_1And you can spread this like gossip, too! Please, call your House and Senate GOP reps, put them “on notice” as nicely as possible, and ask them to just STOP the ALEC driven legislature trying to overtake our state, as it has several states before us. If you can pin point a specific bill or issue you’re passionate about and call them on it, even better!


Please understand that our state is under the huge grip of money right now. Koch Industries, Art Pope and his business empire, and several national conservative foundations were all funneling money to ensure these fools were elected. We as a nation rejected the influence of their money last Fall when we re-elected our President. Please take a stand and speak up!

Ultimately, I decided to engage in civil disobedience because I have either spoken with or looked into the eyes of at least a couple dozen NCGA reps, and a majority of them are pushing through on a united, extreme, GOP front.

I know where their priorities lie. I’ve walked past House Speaker Tillis with “Grammy” on Mom’s Lobby Day at the NCGA and felt the coldness from that man as we walked by him. She felt it. I felt it. It was undeniable. We’ve presented reasonable information, or dropped off factual notes and articles for these representatives and followed up on this information. I’ve been as bold to stop by offices to make sure they received and read it, shaken hands and smiled at legislative assistants and representatives and senators.

I know after speaking with several GOP NCGA members that they may appear to be listening, but they are, in fact, not. Not right now.

I am not some left wing, aging hippie. I am a smart, white, middle class mom to three-and-a-half year old twins–not even in public school yet–and I see the legislation first hand, coming out to attack our schools. I am fighting for my kids and for all children in the state, who will all be affected by these decisions!

To all you extreme right wing folks: Sorry, but you can’t stay in your safe bubble of obstructionist rhetoric forever. Time to face facts. And if not this year, then soon enough, you will find out for sure how the people of this state feel about you when you are sent packing as a “legislator” next year!

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  • Jen Geurin Ferrell


  • Jen is a former Republican and proud Mom. She is passionately involved in the Moral Monday movement. All my articles.

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