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Published March 4, 2016

Freelance Writers: 15 Tips for Getting Organized

Freelance writers have a lot on their plates. Some freelancers have a full-time job; others may have a spouse, children, and pets. The following tips will help you organize your writing projects, and your life!

1. Use either a digital or paper calendar. This will help you designate priorities and schedule the most important tasks/jobs for each day. Having your deadlines and assignments laid out this way will also keep you from committing to too many jobs at once.

2. Set goals to help determine when and how quickly you can have certain tasks or jobs finished.

3. Schedule your work time. You will be most productive when you discover what time you work best. Some people can accomplish more in the morning, while others are most creative at night.

4. You should also find a room where you can work best. Whether it is a desk in your home office or a cozy spot on the couch, you can establish a comfortable environment in which to write and work.

5. Hang artwork such as prints and paintings around your desk. Frame inspirational quotes or photos and place them near your workspace. Sit in an ergonomic desk chair.

6. Plants and scented candles can provide a calming influence. Be sure that you have adequate lighting by installing a desk lamp or nightlight. Soothing music can also help support an enjoyable environment in which to work.

7. Minimize distractions, such as television chatter, piles of magazines, and kids’ toys.

8. Keep your workspace neat and clear of clutter. Bookshelves are helpful for holding reference books such as dictionaries and thesauruses.

9. Organize your office supplies. Bins can be used on your desk to contain pens, notebooks, calendars, and sticky notes.

10. Keep a notepad near the bed or on your desk so that you can quickly jot down ideas.

11. Make folders for different subjects, such as research, deadlines, and work in progress. These folders can be kept in a stack on your desk or in a filing cabinet.

12. When planning your projects, make outlines for your upcoming articles. This will help you break up tasks such as research, interviewing, writing, and proofreading.

13. Clean up your computer files/desktop. Make folders to organize emails for each job. Manage email addresses and phone numbers for contacts and publications with your email software program.

14. Keep a spreadsheet for income earned from writing projects and for expenses related to freelance jobs.

15. And finally, remember to reward yourself after accomplishing a job. Drink a cup of tea or coffee, watch a TV show, or take a nap. You deserve it after working hard!

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