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Published August 9, 2017

From Sasquatch To UFO’s: Researcher Lee Woods Reveals Secrets of the Uwharries

Deep in the Uwharrie National Forest, dusk begins to settle into the night. Lee Woods sits quietly, watches, listens and waits. “They come in one way but never go back the same way to hide their tracks,” local Bigfoot researcher, Woods says. His team assembles a camouflage hunting tent that is layered with sticks and leaves to blend into the natural habitat.

He uses a FLIR thermal to look for any signs of heat signatures that resemble the transient creature known by the locals as the “Old Man of the Woods”. He uses a call blaster to scream out Bigfoot howls and coyote calls he has captured on his digital recorder from past investigations. Woods has heard stories about the Old Man in the Woods roaming the Uwharries since childhood. Local reports go back to the 1960’s describing a grayish silver, hairy man standing approximately 7 feet tall and weighing between 500 to 600 pounds.

However, Woods believes that this creature is not alone and there could be as many as three other creatures that call the Uwharries their home. After 11 years of researching the area, Wood speculates that they live in the high elevation of the mountains and come down during the night when it’s cooler and the heat of the day has settled. His speculates they occupy the old mining caves currently out of commission from the old days of the gold rush. His research area resembles the Bermuda Triangle spanning from Birkhead Mountain to West Morrison down to Dark Mountain. His interviews with eyewitnesses describe the creature as looking like a big gorilla but also looks and walks like a man. Woods doesn’t know what exactly the creature is but is determined to solve the mystery.


Recent cast of Uwharrie Sasquatch cast by Lee Woods.

Lee Woods first encounter began when he was approximately 12 years old. His childhood home was located in a rural area surrounded by thick forest and a small creek bed down a one lane dirt road. Their property had one street light that dimly lit a small area of the yard. Between 3:00 am and 4:00 am in the morning, Lee’s grandmother woke his father Robert from his sleep, “Robert, Robert. There’s a man looking at me through my bedroom window”.

His father woke Lee and grabbed his .22 caliber gun. “I’ll never forget it”! Woods states. “We went out the front door and around to the back of the house and we didn’t see anything. And my dad is hollering at his grandmother through her window, “Are you sure you saw something?”, he said. She said, “Robert, I heard it and I saw it!”. About that time, I heard my dad say, “Hey! Who is that?” And at the very end of our house, my dad yell’s “Who is that? Hey! What the hell you doing out here?” And I turned around and looked and remember seeing a tall black figure standing at the end of the house, and it was just standing there!”

Lee recounted seeing the tall silhouette illuminated from the dim street light. He described it as black with long arms and a slender build. “My Dad yelled, You better get the hell out of here! And the thing just stood there like he didn’t have a care in the world!”, Lee recalls. His dad took his gun and fired it up in the air. The tall man slowly turned and went down the hill into the treeline located 5 feet from the house. “The next day we went out to the woods and looked and didn’t find any tracks, but my dad said that whatever it was, it was the tallest SOB he had ever seen”, Lee stated.

The next day, his grandmother described hearing loud heavy breathing coming from her bedroom window. She sat up in bed and saw two hands and two large eyes looking through her window. Her bedroom window is 8 feet up in the air from the ground outside of the house.

Woods has learned over the years that he doesn’t need to go looking for the elusive creature. Once he finds an area with heavy activity, he sets up camp and waits. After leaving digital recorders out in his research area for weeks at a time, Woods has discovered that there is more than one creature and they come down from the mountain like clockwork at the same time during the evening and leave around the same time during the early morning hours. From the evidence collected, Woods suspected that Bigfoot might be of a primate nature. But recently he is beginning to have doubts.

Woods states

  • I think about what primates do that this creature does not do. Then I think maybe it’s more like a Neanderthal because it does certain things like an animal or primate, but it also does things that a human would do. And it kind of thinks like a human. It’s either primate, Neanderthal or maybe something else in between. It’s more human than anything. It thinks like a human and these creatures are smart as hell. They have learned and adapted over the years by watching humans.

He also suspects Bigfoot is hard to get on camera due to the low-frequency sound game trail cameras broadcast. His digital recorder placed next to the game trail camera has recorded the low humming sound the camera puts off and it’s possible the creature can hear the frequency. Because they are nocturnal, he also believes the red light from the night vision camera can also be seen. He’s experimented on several investigations covering the small red light with a piece of black tape on his equipment and has had better results in capturing the creature on thermal footage.

Woods has experienced other paranormal phenomena investigating the Uwharries. Over the years, more and more reports have been coming out of the Uwharries of not just Bigfoot encounters, but also mysterious lights, ghost and UFO’s.

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  • Hope Thompson


  • Trying to educate the world one SLICE OF HISTORY at a time! Hope Thompson is a freelance journalist focused on hidden history, Southern & Appalachian folklife, and Native American culture. She is a native of North Carolina and has been writing for this space for four years. She currently works in state government finance and owns a graphic design business. All my articles.

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