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Published August 9, 2017

From Sasquatch To UFO’s: Researcher Lee Woods Reveals Secrets of the Uwharries  [Page 2]

Uwharries Mysterious Lights

While investigating an area located on top of a ridge, Lee and his team has witnessed strange light anomalies on several occasions. Woods described the mysterious light as though someone was walking with a lantern swinging back and forth slowly moving through the forest. Woods team has also experienced seeing balls of light the size of baseballs appearing in the same area. “The ground lit up as if a spot light was coming up from inside the ground, went up 30 feet and then disappeared!”, Lee states.

Brown Mountain light similar to Lee Woods encounter.

The characterization of multiple balls of light Woods has witnessed materialize in color as red, white and orange. Sometimes the perplexing balls of lights float side by side or bounce up and down like a yo-yo in random patterns and then in unison magically disappear! Lee is mystified and can’t explain the balls of lights and after seeing them often has noticed the inexplicable lights leave a faint end trail as they travel through the air before disappearing. Could this be similar to the Brown Mountain lights reported for centuries in the Pisgah National Forest? Woods most recent sighting happened on his last investigation in August 2017.

Woods claimed

  • It was about 1:40 am we saw what looked like balls of lights started lighting up. They lit up then would go back out, then light back up again. This went on for about 13 minutes. Then the lights came back on but then they went from white to like a light green. The lights started going upward real slow then it looked like it was leaning or turning to one side because when it did, you could see more lights on the other side. It looked like a giant letter C but more slanted on the ends and the front was stretched out. This thing didn’t fly straight, it leaned back in a slant then went straight up. Oddly, about two hours before we saw the strange light, we heard strange sounds coming from the forest. The noise sounded like an echo. It was a strange sound I never heard before almost like sound waves bouncing back. You could feel the humming sound through your whole body”.
Brown Mountain lights comparable to witness account by Lee Woods. Photo courtesy of Josh Lawing.

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