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Published August 9, 2017

From Sasquatch To UFO’s: Researcher Lee Woods Reveals Secrets of the Uwharries  [Page 3]

Uwharrie Ghosts

Growing up in the Uwharries, Woods has heard there are many Native American burial grounds located throughout the forest and has heard the sounds of drums and native chanting during the night. He has also stumbled upon lone graves. He recently discovered a small grave of a little girl who died in the 1800’s that seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Ghost hunters report seeing strange orbs and hearing strange voices coming out of the forest.

One such popular place for ghost hunters and Bigfoot researchers is Zoar Cemetery.

Possible Uwharrie ghost image captured by Lee Woods on his trail camera. Photo property of Lee Woods.

Another anomaly that Lee has discovered investigating areas of Dark Mountain is having bouts of confusion and feeling lost. Many locals have reported to him when they hike into Dark Mountain, coming back they get confused when trying to exit. He explained his own experience as hiking in the area only to try and come back the same way and everything looks different and you find yourself walking in circles trying to find your way out.

A popular legend of Dark Mountain is Painted Rock, where a Native American princess jumped to her death when her brave left for battle thinking he would never return. But in a twist of fate her brave survived the battle and was so distraught when he learned of the princess’s death, he killed himself. His blood stained what is now known as Painted Rock and can be seen as red markings on the rock. Woods has also caught ghostly images on his trail cam.

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