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Published May 10, 2014

Gaming Nomad vs. Kirby Triple Deluxe

I have always loved Kirby games. Kirby’s Adventure for the NES is one of my favorite games ever and one of the first video games to really ignite my imagination with the world a video game could be set in.

I was very excited when Nintendo announced a new Kirby game for the 3DS and now that Kirby Triple Deluxe is finally here, I’m happy to say this is one of the best Kirby games HAL has released to date.

It was also a fantastic anniversary present (thanks, Dee!). The beauty and spirit of Dreamland is very much alive in Kirby’s newest 3D adventure!



Gaming Nomad vs. Kirby Triple Deluxe - 1
Similar to most Super Mario or Megaman games, you don’t really play Kirby games for a deep and engrossing story and, with Kirby Triple Deluxe, it’s no different.

One night in Dreamland, Kirby is sleeping after a long day of being cute and doing cute things. Suddenly, the ground splits open and a large beanstalk (known as the Dreamstalk) starts growing out of the ground, enveloping and lifting Kirby’s house into the sky. When Kirby awakes, he is shocked that his house is stuck miles above the ground and is also shocked to see King Dedede’s castle stuck in the Dreamstalk. Kirby makes his way to the castle to find the King being kidnapped by some kind of insect wizard named Taranza. Taranza carries Dedede into the land known as Floralia, a land consisting of several floating islands over Dreamland. Kirby must make his way up the Dreamstalk to save Dedede and protect Dreamland from an army of insects.

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Similar to most Super Mario or Megaman games, you don’t really play Kirby games for a deep and engrossing story and, with Kirby Triple Deluxe, it’s no different. Like with most Kirby games, the story feels like a children’s book. It’s simple, charming and doesn’t need to be much more than that. The majority of the story is told at the beginning and end of the game. It has a nice ending with an epic last boss fight that wraps up the game’s events nicely and even adds to the Kirby mythos.

The gameplay is where Kirby Triple Deluxe truly shines.

If you’ve played a Kirby game before, you should know what to expect. It’s a side scrolling platformer where you inhale enemies and spit them back at other enemies. You can also swallow certain enemies for power ups. Triple Deluxe has familiar but new platforming that uses both the foregrounds and backgrounds of levels. What results is some of the most creative levels yet in a Kirby game.

You can find warp stars that move Kirby to and from the background allowing you to find secrets, alternate paths, and other goodies hidden throughout each level as well as some hazards and enemies that will attack from the back ground. It is similar to Wario Land for the Virtual Boy except here the 3D is much better. This game actually makes great use of the 3DS’s 3D feature but it still gives me a headache so I rarely turned it on.

Each stage consists of 5 levels, a boss level, and a hidden 6th level that is unlocked if you collected all the Sun Stones in a stage. 1 to 5 sun stones are hidden in each level and, while finding them starts out easy enough, it gradually becomes more and more difficult to find them all. You can also collect key chains in each level and in the different game modes. They are of sprites of various characters and items from past Kirby games and there are over 200 to collect. Other than having a neat collection of sprites, they don’t serve much purpose. Never the less, they are still fun to collect if you are the completionist type. The power-ups in the game range from classic powers like the sword and cutter to new powers like archer and spear.

Each power has a variety of different moves, including the old powers, giving you more creative ways to use the abilities.

The newest ability that stands out the most is the Hypernova mode. When Kirby eats a seed from the Dreamstalk, he starts glowing like a rainbow and gains the ability to inhale anything and everything in the stage. This includes large groups of enemies, big enemies, large objects, and sometimes entire parts of the environment. This sounds like something that is way over powered but it is also used in solving puzzles, and only lasts till the end of the stage. The boss battles are awesome with multiple phases and many attacks that they unleash throughout each battle. The final boss in particular stands out as one of the best boss battles I’ve seen in awhile with multiple phases and forms.

The 3DS motion controls are also used in creative ways.
The 3DS motion controls are also used in creative ways.

Outside of the story mode, there is also several other modes that can be unlocked. The first is a fighting game mode called Kirby Fighters which is similar to Super Smash Bros. It is hectic fun and can be played with 4 other people via the download play feature for the 3DS. Dedede Drum Dash is less fun. You play as King Dedede bouncing across drums as you try to collect coins and avoid enemies.

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To get a higher bounce, you have to press A when landing on the drum and it just doesn’t feel as responsive as it should be. Often I wouldn’t jump high enough and just fall to my death. Even once getting the hang of it, it still wasn’t that fun. I give this sub-game a miss. Arena mode is unlocked once you beat the story mode. Like almost every Kirby game, Arena mode is a boss rush where you try to beat all the bosses of the game without dying. Finishing it will unlock key chain,s so if you’re after those, you’ll want to play through this a couple times. The final unlockable mode is the Dedede Tour where you play abridged versions of levels as King Dedede and try to get through it in as short amount of time as possible.

The gameplay is still solid and one of the best platformers I’ve played on the 3DS.

A complaint I have heard about this game is that it is too easy. The difficulty does ramp up around stage 5, but yes, it is a fairly easy game. Hardcore gamers will probably blow through the story mode in one or two sittings. However, most Kirby games are like this. In fact, Kirby was originally created for inexperienced gamers so it makes sense for them to be pretty easy. Does that make them less fun? Of course not! I beat this game in about 2 days, playing it off and on, but I had a lot of fun with the game and made me feel like a kid again during my first time playing Kirby’s Adventure. That said, I still haven’t completed the game 100%. There is a lot to unlock and, unless you are using a walk through, you probably won’t find everything in your first play through. One thing that I do feel is missing from the gameplay is any kind of co-op. I know there isn’t really any good way to do it with the 3DS but it is missed since several of the past Kirby games had a co-op mode.



Gaming Nomad vs. Kirby Triple Deluxe 3
Kirby Triple Deluxe is one of the best looking 3DS games I’ve seen thus far.

Visually Kirby Triple Deluxe is a beautiful explosion of colors and creative environments you’d expect to see in Dreamland. It is also one of the best looking 3DS games I’ve seen thus far. Smooth out some of the edges on the character models and this could pass as a Wii U game. The beautiful environments add to the enjoyment and creativity of each of the levels in the game. Of course, it’s a Kirby so the game’s ascetic is extremely cute. This might not appeal to everyone, especially those who are not fans of Kirby games to begin with. The music is fitting and well done with reworked classic songs from past Kirby games along with some great new music as well. The music from the last boss fight was awesome! There is no voice acting in the game, unless you count the sounds Kirby makes, and that’s just fine. It doesn’t need any voice work.

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Overall, Kirby Triple Deluxe is one of the best entries in Kirby series and one of the best games I have played on the 3DS. I highly recommend this to Kirby fans new and old and should be a part of your 3DS library. If you’re not a Kirby fan to begin with, this probably won’t change your mind. Also, if you’re coming off a wicked hard game like Dark Souls 2, this game will seem like a literal cake walk. That could be a good or bad thing depending on who you are. If you like games where there is a lot to collect and unlock, it should keep you occupied for awhile. I greatly enjoyed this game. Thanks for reading! This is technically going to be my last game review for quite some time. I have three more articles left with Candid Slice so keep an eye out for my Anime Convention Survival Guide, Godzilla movie review, and Animazement coverage coming soon!





  • Excellent level design and platforming makes each level lots of fun to play
  • Multiple modes, items to collect, and power ups gives lots to do
  • Beautiful graphics and great use of the 3D feature



  • Might be way too easy for some
  • The Dedede rhythm game is pretty lame
  • The lack of co-op is missed

Gaming Nomad vs. Kirby Triple Deluxe 4

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