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Published February 12, 2014

Gaming Nomad’s Valentine’s Guide to Video Game Hearts

Hearts: the symbol we associate with love and life. Nowhere has that ever been truer than in video games. Game developers have used hearts as a symbol for everything from health to grotesque and bloody murder ever since the early arcade days.

With Valentine’s Day all upon us, I’m sure you could use some ideas for what to get your dearest for the holiday. Well, don’t worry. Old Gaming Nomad is here to help you out in choosing some great hearts from video games that will make lovely gifts!



Rick swings hard for love and your heart.
Rick swings hard for love and your heart.

Nothing says romance like a life bar of beating hearts as you savagely rip apart horrific hell beasts in the West Mansion. The first game and the 2010 remake even have a gigantic heart for you tear down for Rick to give his Valentine before she gets turned into some ungodly monster. Don’t worry, I’m sure your date won’t turn out like that. I hope…

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Nothing says love like holding one's heart up high!
Nothing says love like holding one’s heart up high!

Feeling desperate to impress that certain someone? Nothing says you love your crush like ripping out their own heart after defeating them in a bloody tournament match. Haha, Fatality! Love wins!



I'm sure you can find some hearts in there somewhere!
I’m sure you can find some hearts in there somewhere!

Kingdom Hearts must have tons of hearts in it because look at the name! So many hearts! And crazy hair to impress your date with! …Heh, okay, honestly I know next to nothing about Kingdom Hearts but I’m sure there are some hearts in there somewhere. …Now I’ll just wait for ravenous Kingdom Hearts fans to tear up the comments.



Those sweet robotic hearts!
Those sweet robotic hearts!

The heart tanks Megaman collects extends his life bar to power him up. With these you could power up your love for anyone. But sorry ladies, X is saving his love for Zero!



The Grim Reaper won't be able to resist Simon Belmont's 61 hearts.
The Grim Reaper won’t be able to resist Simon Belmont’s 61 hearts.

Why use hearts to give life or love to someone when you can use them as ammo for killing vampires? Make sure to stock up on hearts with your sweetie and throw some holy water in Count Dracula’s face. Vampire Slaying? In a moon lit and haunted castle? Now that’s one romantic evening!



Nothing says love like collecting annoyingly hidden items!
Nothing says love like collecting annoyingly hidden items!

Nothing says I love you and want to spend my life with you than collecting four pieces of a heart container hidden across the land to increase your loved one’s life expectancy. Well, excuuuuuuse me, Princess… While I love you.

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Those hearts look tempting, Dan..
Those hearts look tempting, Dan..

Love hurts sometimes. Dan discovers this lesson over and over again in this hilariously difficult indie title. It’s alright, Dan. We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s just too soon to be catching the love bug. But it’s not too early for you to check out this fun new game.

But it just wasn't meant to be...
But it just wasn’t meant to be…


Thanks for the read and have a happy–or at least entertaining–Valentine’s Day!

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