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Published April 19, 2017

Ghost Towns: 6 Eerily Abandoned Suburban Neighborhoods

Typically, urban explorers shamble through old and forgotten pieces of history–second-empire mansions, ruined hospitals or asylums, and decaying theme parks from the 1970’s. Very rarely does urbex involve modern amenities and average, middle-class houses in the heart of suburbia.

Like a set of the Walking Dead, these empty, contemporary houses seem somehow more eerie and apocalyptic than old historic places — precisely because they look so utterly normal.

These aren’t creepy old geriatric dwellings from yesteryear; these could be your very own suburban neighborhood.

They are modern day ghost towns. And they’re full of mysteries. Let’s explore.


1. Greenleaf Subdivision in Dawsonville, Georgia

Aptly described as this Imgur user as something out of a “Warzone,” the abandoned Greenleaf subdivision was actually never intended to be completed — but only the developers knew that. Right from the beginning, the developers knew no one would ever live in these homes, as evident by the construction and design. The lots were built too small for septic tanks, and there was no way to connect these homes to the public sewer system. Before the 16 homes could be completed, the two developers were caught and put in prison for fraud.

Looters stripped the houses of any valuable materials, including copper wiring, lumber, and doorknobs. Vandals, sadly, tore apart the homes, even going so far as to take a crowbar to the walls, tearing gaping holes right through. Unfortunately, these beautiful houses met a sad fate.

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