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Published June 18, 2013

Greed Gets Sneaky

The best way to fight the sneakier acts of greed is to know your rights, and how to use them. In a story recently reported by The Philadelphia Enquirer, a McDonald’s employee is fighting back against her employer.

Most retail and restaurant chains pay their employees by check or direct deposit into a personal bank account. Some McDonald’s restaurants are using a different method, one that Pennsylvania native Natalie Gunshannon believes is unfair and shortchanges low-income workers. Gunshannon has filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s on behalf of herself and other McDonald’s employees over this payment method.

According to Gunshannon, employees received a Chase Bank debit card instead of a standard paycheck.

The debit card is attached to a bank account loaded with fees, and Gunshannon claims her boss insisted it was the only payment option after she asked to receive a more traditional check. She would either be paid with a financial minefield, or not at all. It was grossly unfair situation that led Gunshannon to seek legal action.

It’s unclear why the franchise owners agreed to use it in the first place. What is clear, however, is that Chase Bank is earning money off of the fees attached. Everyday needs like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, which are more common when the account is used as a form of payment, could deplete net income below minimum wage easily when all the fees are applied.

Hardworking men and women do not need the financial hazards of the Chase Bank debit card. It creates far more problems than it solves, and hopefully Gunshannon’s suit is a step in the right direction.

For additional information, Youtube channel The Big Picture has you covered:

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