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Published April 27, 2017

Haunted Hill House of Mineral Wells For Sale!

The Haunted Hill House also known as the Kyle House is now on the market in Mineral Wells, Texas listed through Source 1 Real Estate. For a low, low price of just $125,000, you could be the fortuitous owner of this supernatural fixer upper known to have at least nine ghostly entities that currently reside in the home.

Built in 1890, the property was once owned by Fanny Yeager Kyle who lived in the house until her passing in 1924. Located just down the street from the abandoned and infamously haunted Baker Hotel, it eventually became a brothel in the 1940’s for wealthy visitors that stayed at the Baker Hotel. It was also rumored, but not substantiated, that the brothel also served as a place for illegal booze during the Prohibition.

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The small town of Mineral Wells was known at that time as a place for healing waters from the mineral wells. In 1877, James Lynch settled on land known today as Mineral Wells. Lynch hauled water four miles from the Brazos River until one day he decided to drill a well. At first, the family was hesitant to drink the water because they thought it was poisonous. As time passed, they began drinking their well water and to their amazement, the family’s health improved dramatically. News quickly spread and the town of Mineral Wells was established and was known as a mineral water resort town.

The majestic and infamously haunted Baker Hotel located in Mineral Wells, TX was a resort destination in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The hotel has currently been vacant and left to deteriorate since 1972. The hotel is located just 500 feet from the Haunted Hill House.

The current owner, Phil Kirchoff, bought the property without the knowledge of its shady and ghostly past. His intention was to renovate the house and retire there but the amount of paranormal activity was so abundant, he and his wife were unable to live there or complete the renovations. Phil Kirchoff is an archaeologist specializing in the Pleistocene Era and was involved in the discovery of a new dinosaur named Hadrosaur that was discovered near Arlington, Texas. His plans quickly changed from retirement home to converting the old house into a Paranormal Research Center to allow investigators to research and conduct paranormal investigations.

Even though the Haunted Hill House has a property tax value of $26,000, Kirchoff has taken in account the amount of income the house generates from weekend tours and paranormal research. Ghost hunters can visit the house by reservation only and stay overnight with an advanced payment of $200.00 on Friday night and/or $250.00 for Saturday night. The price includes up to 8 guest and the owner supplies all the ghost hunting equipment if needed. There are currently 16 cameras installed throughout the 2,840 square foot house. The single family residential home has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

There is also a third bathroom in the home but had been sealed off completely for unknown reasons. There are some restrictions with your overnight stay. The current owner request that Ouija boards are prohibited along with cleansing ceremonies and request that visitors do not take any objects from the house or property as the spirits are attached to their belongings. The owners also do not allow small children, pregnant women, anyone with a medical condition and anyone under the age of 15 years old.

Photo of the Haunted Hill House attic where reports of a ghostly little boy still likes to hide and play.

Visitors have reported such incidents as being scratched and bitten, objects being thrown at them, physical effects of nausea and headaches, and have become ill upon entering the residence. Although investigators are unsure just who the nine entities are that still reside in the household, there is confirmation and documented evidence of a little boy, Joshua, believed to be about the age of 6 years old that still haunts the upstairs of the house. It was rumored that one of the prostitutes gave birth to a mongoloid child who lived in the attic until he died at the age of six.

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There have also been reports of an an old man who died on the property after falling down a well and rumors of devil worship and witchcraft associated with the home’s previous history. Visitors and investigators have also reported ghostly entities following them home after their visit to the house . It is also believed that current ghostly residents living at the Baker Hotel frequently visit the house from time to time.

You can check out this creepy destination on the real estate’s website. To book a reservation, you can visit the Haunted Hill House website to contact the owner as well as visit their Facebook page.

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