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Published July 10, 2013

On Request: Headphone Mike Reviews Earth Rocker by Clutch

Earth Rocker by Clutch is a little more well known then the kinds of things I wanted to review but then I bought the CD so I may as well talk about it. My first exposure to Clutch was years ago. I remember hearing Careful With That Mic on the radio. I didn’t know quite what to think.

The music sounded like southern rock but the lyrics were more like hip hop. The song was still awesome and to this day I can quote the lyrics. If you see me in person, ask sometime.

Years later I was loaned a copy of the Elephant Riders and had it explained to me that Clutch was, “The king kong of down and dirty southern rock n roll.”

From that moment on I was hooked. I even bought their album Strange Cousins from the West. When Earth Rocker came out not too long ago I said why not and picked it up. Sadly I don’t have a lot of time so I’m going to make this review brief.

Earth Rocker is the title track and the first one they previewed. This song holds true to the sound fans have come to know and love, featuring powerful lyrics and a steady guitar sound that presents itself through the entire album

Once More into the Breach is exactly the kind of song I’d play before leading a small army into battle. It gets the listener pumped up and doesn’t quit. It’s difficult to say exactly what a Clutch song is about but I think, “epic battle.” about sums it up.

Riotous London Night

Gone Cold actually surprised me. This song slows things down a notch and lays down a heavy blues sound with that distant sadness fans of the genre have come to know and love. When they sing about swamps I am reminded more of New Orleans and less of dusty trails and deserts that the rest of the album calls to mind. My one criticism of the album would be that this song is too different from the rest. If they made an album that just sounded like this, I’d buy that too.

Book Saddle and Go gets back the feel of the album with fast beats and motivational lyrics. This is one of those songs that it’s hard not to speed to. I know I have caught myself going ten over more then once listening to this particular track.

Earth Rocker is a solid album that shows off Clutch’s strong points when it comes to guitar work and says that the band has no sign of slowing down. Enjoy.


“Would drive to Memphis in a pick up truck and get in a bar fight to this album again.”

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